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Buckeyes Make Clay Travis Look Stupid...again!

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December 3, 2018 at 9:03pm

If you need a smile, check out this article written before “The Game.”


My favorite quote from Clay Travis: “Going to write this in stone: [UM is] going to go on the road, and they are going to beat Ohio State by double digits,” Travis said. “It’s not going to be close. Because Ohio State has fallen apart.”

My second favorite: “I think what’s happening is: Urban Meyer has seen the future. He knows that Jim Harbaugh’s program is on ascendence now, and that his program is on decline, and he’s gonna run out of Columbus before he gets his ass regularly kicked like what happened if he stayed and kept coaching at Ohio State.”

How did that work out for you Clay?! I love when we make him look like the douche he is (which happens all the time)! 

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