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Don't Expand The Playoff

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December 2, 2018 at 8:09pm

I'm trying my absolute hardest to understand why people want the playoff expanded. Not only would it not fix the problems, it would magnify them. Here's some reasons as to why.

  1. Losses no longer matter: Ohio State lost to Purdue and dropped from the top 10, but was able to climb back to No.6. They had to fight and show urgency for the rest of the season because a second loss would eliminate them. Same thing with Oklahoma and Georgia. For Group of 5 teams, you needed to either be unbeaten, or look incredibly good with one loss just to have a look. Expanding the playoff throws that out the window. Ohio State no longer has to show urgency. as long as they win 10 games they'll most likely be in the top 8, barring multiple massive upsets. Why is that fun? Also, in terms of arguing for teams like UCF saying they don't get a fair look, that's BS. In 2015, Houston was ranked in the top 5 for most of the season. Why? Because they had a harder schedule, and they looked like a complete team. They lost the right to get in by losing.

2. Championship Games: Let's say, for the argument's sake, every top team in the conference championship games got upset. Lets look at the hypothetical top 5 in the new 8 team playoff system. 1 loss Georgia (Good), 5 loss Pitt (LMAO), 3 loss Texas (Lol), 4 loss Northwestern, 5 loss Utah. That means Clemson, Oklahoma, Ohio State all drop out. The last 3 seeds would be Alabama, Michigan (Who we already beat), and UCF. Basically the Alabama Invitational. Also, in this model it would say Michigan loses to us, doesnt play in the champ game, but now gets to play for a natty??? Remember how angry we got that Alabama got in over us last year? That would happen on a YEARLY basis. Also, whats stopping the top teams from even trying when all they gotta do is win the conference. They could pack it in against teams that arent in the running for the divisions. OOC games are useless, dont have to win them anymore! Powerhouse teams consistently going 9-3? YUCK

3. Rivalry Games: Imagine beating Michigan, winning the Big 10, and getting into the playoff. Whats our reward for our hard work? SURPRISE! It's Michigan AGAIN, who is now more rested than us and has recent game tape that they can base the second game on. The most historic rivalry on planet earth could now be twice a year, completely devaluing THE GAME. Dare I say, it would make losses to that disgusting team tolerable if we could just avenge that loss in the playoffs.

Look, we know the system is broken, but right now its much better than opening the floodgates. You dont wanna get left out? Go Undefeated, or lose only one game (and not by 29 to an unranked 6-6 team). And if there are multiple one loss teams, tie breaker is Conference Championships, Ranked Wins, Point Differential. If we absolutely must expand, only 2 more spots. No.1 and No.2 get a bye. No automatic bids by conference, thats really dumb. Make the games matter.

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