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Buckeye Nation Should Boycott the Play-offs This Year

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December 2, 2018 at 5:36pm

Last year I did not watch the Play-off games partly due to OSU being left out and partly due to not giving a crap about the teams. After this year's snub again, I thought about the teams involved:

- Alabama- I dislike everything about Saban and the SEC lovefest;

- Clemson- 31-0, Dabo, Southern vibe, weak conference;

- ND- I have never liked the program or it's arrogance, own network, too good for the BIG;

- Oklahoma- picked over us twice, beat us recently, no defense conference;

My conclusion is that I could care less about any of these teams or the games. More importantly, if all of Buckeye Nation boycotts the Play-offs, ratings nose-dive, ESPN loses money, advertisers buy time for the Rose Bowl where the eyeballs will be tuned in and future Committees will be forced to add another selection criteria- who draws the most fans and viewers.

Make our voice be heard loud and proud- Just say no to the Play-offs! Anyone with me?


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