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Losing Interest in College Football

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December 2, 2018 at 1:05pm

I want to start by congratulating tOSU on a great year. Losing your best player and the media shitstorm still couldn’t stop this team from getting 12 win.


Secondly, congrats OU. Great year. Beat the piss out of Alabama.


Third, I’m losing interest in college football. Not because my love to OSU is dwindling, it’s stronger than ever, but because the media has as much power as they do. Georgia’s best win was against an over ranked Florida team. Not only that, they got beat by 20+ to LSU and we all know what happened this week. There is no way in hell they should be at 5 ahead of us. All this tells me is the talking heads at ESPN have way too much influence over the committee. Not good. For that, ESPN your number 1 in my book (middle finger).

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