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Comment 19 Jan 2017

Looks good. IMO, I see Hill/Victor/Cambell (in order) as starting WRs. I will also be interested in how the right side of the o-line shapes up. I'm hoping either Prince takes a huge step forward or Pridgeon beats him out at RT and there is a competition between Burrell/Prince for RG. I'm assuming another year in the program will help Prince take a step forward and lock down the RT. Help is on the way in the secondary. This team should be VERY dangerous if we get the passing game fixed. Should have dominating D-Line and O-Line which wins championships.

Comment 06 Jan 2017

This is weird. The kid is in Texas, his family is in Cali (assuming but could be wrong). Are they having long phone calls every night debating which school Holmes picks? You would have thought this debate would have taken place in person vs over the phone. Knowing this, I think this is a giant smoke screen. I would think Holmes is spending his nights in Texas playing video games with Okudah/Martell and not debating something with his parents that could have been debated last week. I'm still going with the Buckeyes. Wishful thinking I'm sure.

Comment 21 Dec 2016

^^^^^^^ I don't think Zach Smith gets enough credit...

From 2002 to 2011 OSU had 7 WRs drafted (.7 players per year)

From 2012 to 2016 OSU had 5 WRs drafted (1 player per year)

Since Zack Smith joined in 2012, OSU is averaging a player getting drafted every year. Not bad for how much flack he gets. In the last 2 years (when Smith had his guys and full time to develop them) we have had 4 players drafted. That's much better than what we have done in the last 15 years... What's even more impressive is we are a run heavy offense. Shows he develops them fully (blocking, etc.)

Comment 21 Dec 2016

Took a look at his resume and he does have a decent track record of coaching good linebackers in the NFL. Below are the pro bowl linebackers he has coached during his time as a LB coach.

Caroline (95-98)

95- None (Carolina was an expansion team)

96 - None

97 - Sam Mills, Lamar Lathon

98 - Kevin Green

Cleveland (1999)

99 - None (Cleveland was an expansion team)

Falcons (01-03)

01 - None

02 - Keith Brooking

03 - Keith Brooking

Giants (04)

04 - None

Cardinals (07-08)

07 - None

08 - None

Browns (11-12)

11 - None

12 - None

Comment 21 Dec 2016

You are judging Bill for his time as a D-Coordinator which is like comparing apples to oranges. He is going to be a linebacker coach here. If you want to do some digging and figure out who he has coached at that position, that would be more productive than judging him based off of his time at D-Coordinator.

Comment 21 Dec 2016

Looks pretty typical to me for an NFL coordinator... They tend to bounce around a lot. Just take a look at 2 of the most respected coordinators in the NFL.

Dom Capers Career

Kent State (1972–1974)
Graduate assistant
Washington (1975)
Graduate assistant
Hawaii (1975–1976)
Defensive backs coach
San José State (1977)
Defensive backs coach
California (1978–1979)
Defensive backs coach
Tennessee (1980–1981)
Defensive backs coach
Ohio State (1982–1983)
Defensive backs coach
Philadelphia/Baltimore Stars (1984–1985)
Defensive backs coach
New Orleans Saints (1986–1991)
Defensive backs coach
Pittsburgh Steelers (1992–1994)
Defensive coordinator
Carolina Panthers (1995–1998)
Head coach
Jacksonville Jaguars (1999–2000)
Defensive coordinator
Houston Texans (2002–2005)
Head coach
Miami Dolphins (2006)
Special assistant to head coach
Miami Dolphins (2007)
Defensive coordinator
New England Patriots (2008)
Special assistant & secondary coach
Green Bay Packers (2009–present)
Defensive coordinator

Wade Phillips Career

Houston (1969)
Graduate assistant
Lutcher Stark HS (1970–1972)
Defensive coordinator
Oklahoma State (1973–1974)
Linebackers coach
Kansas (1975)
Defensive line coach
Houston Oilers (1976–1980)
Defensive line coach
New Orleans Saints (1981–1985)
Defensive coordinator
New Orleans Saints (1985)
Interim head coach
Philadelphia Eagles (1986–1988)
Defensive coordinator
Denver Broncos (1989–1992)
Defensive coordinator
Denver Broncos (1993–1994)
Head coach
Buffalo Bills (1995–1997)
Defensive coordinator
Buffalo Bills (1998–2000)
Head coach
Atlanta Falcons (2002–2003)
Defensive coordinator
Atlanta Falcons (2003)
Interim head coach
San Diego Chargers (2004–2006)
Defensive coordinator
Dallas Cowboys (2007–2010)
Head coach
Houston Texans (2011–2013)
Defensive coordinator
Houston Texans (2013)
Interim head coach
Denver Broncos (2015–present)
Defensive coordinator

Comment 18 Mar 2016

Great post! Thank you to all the hero's out there and may you all stay safe!

Comment 09 Mar 2016

I’ve predominately invested in 401K and Roth IRAs. I wish I had a good deal of money available to invest in land. Land is always going to be at a premium, even more so as the population keeps increasing.

Comment 10 Feb 2016

Agreed. His songs had a certain bass flair that couldn't be replicated by Jason. I do think Rob Trujillo has more of a "Cliff" sounding bass style but he has only been part of 1 album. I respectfully disagree that every album after AJFA sucks. I like the black album (going against some Metallica fans) and really like Death Magnetic. Load/Reload/Garage Inc are my least favorite so I agree they weren't Metallica level. I think Jason had too much influence and tension started to brew. I still believe Ride the Lighting is one of the best albums ever made. Fade to Black to date still gives me chills and is a really cool story.

Comment 29 Jan 2016

Can I just say it?...damn are we spoiled! Trying to pick between Eddie George, Maurice Clarett, Beanie Wells, Carlos Hyde and Zeke Elliott is just downright splitting hairs. IMHO, and this is not by much, Eddie still has a slim lead on most talented RB I've seen in an OSU jersey. But again, Give me any of the 5 mentioned above and I'll be like a little kid on Christmas morning.

Comment 19 Jan 2016

Mine was 1 hour. I was looking for a seasonal college job and Macy's had seasonal work. They advertised it as helping out at the loading dock so I thought it would be loading/unloading boxes behind the scenes. Day 1 they tried to put me on the sales floor and have me fold cloths. I walked out.

Comment 05 Dec 2015

Good call. I would like to add 1 more WR too... Joey Galloway. Chris Carter and David Boston on the outside, Terry Glenn and Galloway in the slot... Wow that's a lot of sleep 

Comment 04 Dec 2015

Here is mine...

QB – Troy Smith

RB - Eddie George,  Keith Byars

WR – Chris Carter, Terry Glenn, David Boston

TE - Rickey Dudley, Ben Hartsock

OT – Orlando Pace, Korey Stringer

OG - John Hicks, LeCharles Bentley

C – Nick Mangold

DE – Joey Bosa, Mike Vrabel, Will Smith

DT - Dan Wilkinson, Ryan Pickett

LB – AJ Hawk, Andy Katzenmoyer, Randy Gradishar

CB - Shawn Springs, Antoine Winfield

S - Michael Doss, Jack Tatum

K – Mike Nugent

P – Cameron Johnston

KR – Teddy Ginn

Comment 20 Sep 2015

I was never a supporter of the fire fickell nonsense so please don't lump me into that category. And I'm not saying fire Beck is the answer. I was more so reiterating how import Herman was. Although I'm not going to lie, Beck's resume for developing QBs doesn't give me the utmost confidence. 

Comment 29 Mar 2015

One got beat to Virginia Tech, struggles terribly against Penn State, and had a hard time against Minnesota and Michigan. Let's not forget 2 of the 4 were home games. The other beats Wisoncon, Alabama, as Oregon handily. I love big numbers as much as anyone, but I can't really believe this is as big as a debate as its become. A couple things Cardale can do that Braxton/JT can't IMO.

1) throw deep out routs. When combined with the deep ball, corners safeties really have no other options than to play deep.

2) get and extra 3 yards after contact which was HUGE in the championship run. Can think of multiple times Cardale picked up an extra 3 yards to get a 1st down and extend the drive. This is demoralizing to a defense. The biggest one was avoiding the safety against Alabama.

3) throw in tight windows. This takes exceptional arm strength. There was throw where Cordale threaded the needle with a laser for a large gain vs Oregon. I remember thinking to myself, wow, VERY few college/even NFL QB could make that throw. Again, loosens up the secondary whic creates running lanes. See Zekes productivity the first 12 games vs last 3 (the last 3 having better defenses) and that's all you need to know. 

Im really struggling with the fact people would consider benching a Big 10 championship QB, and a Nationional Championship QB. Both items Braxton not JT never won. Sorry, but this is a easy decision for me...