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Time to Expand the Playoff, This is a Joke

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December 2, 2018 at 6:26am


I am in no way campaigning for Ohio State to be in because IMHO they do not deserve to be in losing to 6-6 Purdue with the current format.

This playoff thing was cute at first, with the debating about who belonged in the 4 team playoff, but it has become part on the SEC monopoly on college football. There is no sense or reason that when a team does not win a conference or loses a championship game why would they get new life like Bama in 2017 or Ohio State in 2016? Right now the conference championship games mean nothing nor does going 12-1. There has to stop being second chances and losing has to hurt like hell! They need to expand the current format to 8 teams and play the first round either at neutral sites or the higher seeded teams home field 2 weeks after the conference championships around Dec 15th, then use the current Final 4 format to decide the champion on New Years Eve and the finals the following week. The argument that it means more games in lame. Only the 2 teams in the final game would play 1 more game. This format needs to include the 5 conference champions as automatic champions and then allow 3 at large teams, which would allow such teams as UCF, Notre Dame or teams who have a legit resume. Right now this format only gives the SEC and all the lovers of the SEC a license to steal because the argument that the SEC is the greatest conference by far can't be dis proven because they have no competition nor does it allow for teams who struggle early but are playing great at the end of the season. The current playoff picture has become nothing but political just everything else in this country.

So protect the Power 5 Conference Champions then argue about the last 3 spots!

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