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Comment 21 Jul 2019

I really think that the guy is too emotional to ever be a great coach and I think watching games that the heat of the moment and his emotions are not a good match, if you watch him he gets so mad he loses all control and that seems to be when he fails. The guy has never been able to make in game adjustments! Love seeing him lose!

Comment 19 Jul 2019

Not true, some of them can't find their way on and off the field, Mitchell is not 240lbs either!! I saw him at a camp early on this summer he might be 230. These stories kill me, who writes them?? lol  Sounds like a goof ball Steve Helwagen story, no facts all opinion. Not surprised that some younger players are pushing him but the story is almost laughable!

Comment 18 Jul 2019

I expect our defense to have a Michigan State look almost and sometimes playing Quarters, last years attack man scheme makes it really hard to defend the slant and trap game one cut and missed assignment and it's a big play, I think this year players will be responsible for area's not not certain men. Last year was a train wreck, we never actually stopped anyone!

Comment 18 Jul 2019

Borland was plenty fast enough the year before and he is as true MLB, when we play teams who run RPO's or Spread schemes he usually isn't on the field, I admit he missed a lot of tackles early last year and that was most likely from lack of conditioning, but he was the 1 LB who was in the right place most of the time, the guy is not going to run anyone down from behind and most MLB's won't, When were in Nickle, Harrison and Werner were by far the best 2 LB's on the team. Harrison was undisciplined most of the year maybe as bad as anyone on the team. Browning gets tangled up in the running game and is not great shedding contact, I really doubt if he is ever a true MLB,seems like he don't like contact. Mitchell? What makes anyone think that this guy is a great LB? Because he made some tackles on special teams? Werner was the special team hawk the year before.You have to remember the LB have a job of keeping runners from getting down field by forcing them lateral as much as making tackles, that is where the DB's come in, they have to clean up these plays. Last year the DB's were as bad as I have ever seen them in the short passing game and running game, not all on the LB's. I think that the new scheme of playing zone in certain situations and man when it's to our advantage will give us a lot of new looks for opposing offenses.

Comment 18 Jul 2019

Have you not figured Don Brown's magic show yet, Awesome against horrible teams and very average against good, like talent?  He is the most overrated coach in college football! Blitz on every down and what we did to him last year was because he never changed one bit from the year before in scheme. Sure blitz teams you will beat on every down instead of working on improving so when you play a good team you will be better. Padded stats against bad teams!

Comment 11 Jul 2019

Harbaugh was supposed to be a big upgrade over Hoke in coaching, recruiting and basically everything. Well I have to agree somewhat to that in the coaching dept but in the recruiting wars Harbaugh has landed a few 5 star players in Peoples-Jones and Gary maybe a DT, but for the most part he has recruited the same type and same caliber players that Hoke did. They battle Purdue, Indiana, West Virginia and most of the MAC for the greatest portion of their players still today and there lies the problem. Harbaugh was supposed to be able to bridge the gap in recruiting and he has not done that yet. Coaching, he and his staff may be the worst I have seen in big time college football at adjusting during a game, especially after halftime. No Idea why, it could be his emotion or just bad coaching, they have lost several high profile games after having pretty good leads at halftime. I think he is solid as a coach and preparing game plans but pretty average at adjusting and game day coaching. I also think he is about to spring back to the NFL, especially if this season falls flat.

Comment 08 Jul 2019

Carton may develop into a big time scorer, but in his early Buckeye career I see him as an Aaron Craft type player with a better jumper but not an electric outside scorer. I think that he depends on his athletic ability and emerges as a stout defender and team leader. Gaffney is the guy who could come in and light it up. Ahrens is the best shooter on this team by a long ways and Washingtonif he can be consistent on both ends of the floor could be and Elite scorer. I think they play basketball and every night it could be a different guy who lights it up.

Comment 06 Jul 2019

The whole defense was horribly undisciplined, I mean stuff you see youth league players not do!! The LB's they were bad, but the DL didn't play the run particularly well for the first 8 games, Chase Young was a liability in the running game. He wasn't the only one who did not stay in their gaps take bad angles. I don';t know how many times I saw a play start inside to see Harrison or Hillard  gamble and over run the play to the inside and watch the RB pop it to the outside. We used to watch the replay and laugh how basic the mistake was. As far as Borland early he was in the right place as was Werner but they missed tackles and I see people giving props to Damon Arnette yet he is the most undisciplined player on this defense!. To blame any one player or say they were at fault is not honest.The whole unit was BAD, poorly coached!! Most of the big plays they gave up was because of a basic and fundamental mistake. They must regain discipline.

Comment 05 Jul 2019

We lost maybe the best LB coach in college football to Cincinnati, we now see that with the play of his defenses. I think that the backside of the Defensive staff needed reworked. We have talent, but the whole group has trouble shedding blocks, Browning is the worst. That can be corrected as well as the tackling and physical play in practice. Can Washington turn this group into an asset? We find out in early Sept.

Comment 05 Jul 2019

Last year's defense was prob the most unorganized, sloppiest, most undisciplined defense I have seen at Ohio State, Athletes are not the problem, they were poorly coached on the field on game day, adjusted poorly, looked lost a lot. That's coaching or the lack there of, Werner can't tackle, that is a laugh! The kid was in coverage prob 60% of the time on the back or TE or even the slot receiver and excelled in that role. Know what you are looking at before you make assessments.Others said he is slow, that is really comical. please drink beer and watch the game let the coaches decide who deserves to play. lol