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Comment 12 May 2019

What I love are the Helwagon interviews and questions from fans, seriously does anyone actually think the guy has a clue? Read his crap. It is hard to without laughing, Bucknuts is def the Bozo site and boards. Buckeye comedy.

Comment 12 May 2019

As I see Stanley you comment much like you passed, lol. Why is this board so set on condemning someone who doesn’t post a Rosie picture? If one just says anything in concern they are to be banned or blacked out. Last had someone had predicted we would lose to Purdue by 20 points the guy would have been called a Michigan fan or blacked out, why? 

Comment 12 May 2019

That is not going to happen! I predict we take 25-27 kids end up ranked around 12th to 15th have to take several 3 star kids late to complete the class. I think next year Day does some catching up we get back in the top 7 to 10 rankings. Mattison has never been a great recruiter but really good x-o guy I think he is here 2-3 yrs tops. I think Washington is a star in waiting as a recruiter. Please bookmark this someone. Hope I am wrong.

Comment 12 May 2019

No doubt he is a great athlete, He is also a true freshmen and we have a PG transfer who has started on an NCAA top 6 seeded team who is a really good player and has a full tool box! I expect Carton to be very important in the rotation at the guard position, some have him leading the team in scoring and expect him to be dominant, lofty expectations. Just like the football recruiting no one wants to hear the discussion that there is a lot unproven with Carton and football recruiting. Carton I think should be trending up, football recruiting I’m concerned! We actually lost a lot from last years team, I don’t see depth for next year and the next. I never trashed anyone just stated opinion. Why do mods on this board blackout content with no vulgar language or remarks personal about someone, just an opinion? Really disturbing to see opinion censored . OPINION !

Comment 12 May 2019

Please, when you put words in someone's mouth use the correct words. Lies are bad! I said, "we don't know what type of defender Carton is"? I said, "Carton does not play against top notched competition in high school"! I said, " Carton is a very average shooter from beyond the arc".  Pretty much all I said about the guy! You said, "because he is from Iowa he would be unreal and dominate the Big Ten as a freshmen"!

I hope you are correct, but just like this recruiting class we don't know what is going to happen. I only shed light on what is obvious and different from past classes under Meyer. The issue is going to be if Day can pull in enough elite guys to maintain the level of play at Ohio State. Trends do not support that yet, because we have not shown the ability to recruit much on defense.

Comment 11 May 2019

2020 ,were not getting  Clark Phillips! Darion Henry, Jaheim Thomas and Gray are a good chances we need 15 defensive players in this class! Jalen Berger is a RB! 26th SDE Deonte Craig lol, Lathan Ransom west coast kid, not very likely! Jordan Morant,not a chance! Michigan and Penn State are kicking our asses in recruiting defensive players! Recruiting now a days at Ohio State looks like the Earle Bruce days, and I am serious! Where Vinnie Clark was a huge get and one of the most over rated DB's in history!

Comment 11 May 2019

It is based on last year's class of what 16? Also having these guys in the discussion does not equate to commits, especially at CB and the speed positions which imho are the most needed. More injuries happen at the DB positions and means GOOD Quality depth is very important. We were horrid in he secondary last year! Getting guys ranked 35th and 40th at their position is not Ohio State recruiting! Yea, a couple of these guys fall through the cracks and make great players but Michigan is proof that these guys do not mean championships! Lazy argument? The no 1 DE recruit lives 12 miles from Ohio State's campus, not a mile stone recruiting job. Show me the 2020 defensive recruits we are in the top 2? we might get the 2 Cincy kids??? Right now we have the 25th ranked Safety Lejond Cavazos and not another serious defensive recruit on the radar! This class needs to be 25 plus strong, NEXT?

Comment 11 May 2019

With the lack of top shelf 2020 defensive players showing interest in Ohio State at this point, it is becoming a huge concern going forward. Also wondering if it could be the result of getting an over 70 DC? Also future classes are trending the same way. We can only take so many Wr's and OT's but right now filling the class with quality players much like last year is a huge concern. IMHO how well Day recruits on the defensive side of the ball will tell how long he can be successful at Ohio State. Right now it does not look good!

Comment 03 May 2019

So the guy almost cost his team a chance to play in the NCAA Tournament, because he was childish and couldn’t follow TEAM rules that everyone else follows, IMHO he is fair game to fans and the media, what does his family expect? Maybe a lifetime of forgiveness from the family is why he can’t follow team rules now?

Comment 03 May 2019

You blacked out my post or “CENSORED” it! I really don’t know why? All that Idid was state that big Wesson needs to become an adult, were talking about a guy who broke team rules which is selfish and missed 3 games and almost cost his team a chance to play in thr NCAA Tournament. Why would you black out my post for stating a very obvious fact? Just asking?

Comment 01 May 2019

How about get in shape and learn not to foul by moving your feet? Then stop running your mouth to the refs and get better? Sorry this guy is very average until he becomes an adult.

Comment 30 Apr 2019

Eb is better than Diallo! Doubt you would ever see them on the floor together, neither is skilled enough to play the 4 over Gaffney or Liddell who I think will rotate there along with Young, Gaffney or Liddell and Jallo can either play the 3 as well. This team will have a bunch of interchangeable parts. Ahrens will have to play he is clearly the best shooter on this team by a good bit. The 2 PG and Muhammad and Washington along with Ahrens playing the 2. This team will be fun to watch!! Big thing that is overlooked most of the time is how well do the freshmen defend?? That will determine how much and how soon they see the floor?? This won't be Iowa! If you can't defend at a high level you won't play a lot! These practices would be fun to watch!

Comment 26 Apr 2019

Did you just have your 6th birthday? It's professional football, so it's a joke and he is going to make plenty of money. LOL feel bad for a guy who is going to make 3 or 4 million dollars next year. Racist team name. LOL Do you believe in the Easter Bunny and Santa Clause?

The 2nd happiest day of the year is when the draft starts, the happiest day of the year is the day it ends!

Comment 21 Apr 2019

OK we prove them wrong! Why do you worry about what ESPN says? Games are played in Sept, Oct, Nov and Dec on the field not the computer or ESPN college football wanna be shows. Quit whining like a little kid, you read that stuff you deserve to get butt hurt!