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Comment 27 Mar 2020

Kind of a selfish post, freaking people are dying. If you think that this pandemic is going to last past this spring, football will be the least of our worries! No way if this does not clear up will there be any sports at all. Lives are more important!

Comment 25 Mar 2020

Blue chip recruits are on paper, we lost 4 horribly overrated recruits in 2016, Mitchell, Grindstaff, Harris and Giddens. None should have been a 4 star recruit.  
2018 Lyle was dismissed from the team, Funderburk got in trouble Holtman asked him to leave.
2020 These 2 kids had baggage and were troubled mentally in one way or another, both were horribly overrated and neither should have been a 5 Star recruit at any point. Where is the trend?

Comment 25 Mar 2020

Carton was waaaaaayyyyyyy overrated, kid had no game at all, no shot, no fundamentals, averaged 3to’s a game playing 20mins. Had no idea how to make an entry pass, the kid was a product of talented athlete playing in a very untalented league in HS and being an AAU player! I was called out for doubting him before the season started, Iowabuckeyes ?

Comment 25 Mar 2020

Please explain WTF you are talking about? Holtman lost 2 kids to transfer? What trend?  The last kids that left was in 2016? Those transfers turned out to be nothing, prob done OSU a favor. This is a clueless post. IMHO every kid that has transferred was way overrated including Carton!! 

Comment 22 Mar 2020

Do not agree!! So you are saying we can't replace Andre or Danny Hummer? This team played better after Carton left!

Guards should be lights out especially after the way they played at years end, Liddell 6' 7" will be a 12 point a game guy! Those two 6'7" transfer guys scored over 12 points a game for the season in pretty good leagues. This team could be a matchup problem. Sueing is an Ahrens type shooter who is incredibly athletic! Towns was Ivy league player of the year and he was huge against the athleticism of Kentucky. This team will be deep and score a lot!

Comment 22 Mar 2020

CBB is still a guards game!! We need depth at the 1 and 2 starting the season with 3 guards is going to be very challenging

Comment 22 Mar 2020



1.PG- Walker
2.Combo- Washington
3. SG- Muhammad
4.SF-SG- Ahrens
5. SF- Jallow
6. SF- Towns
8.PF- Liddell
9.PF-C Kyle Young
10. C-Diallo
11.PF- Key
12. CG-Brown lll
13: Wesson or another transfer Big Man?