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Comment 13 Oct 2020

And Grinch's Defense has given up 120 points in 3 games. LOL Good hire whiny ass Lincoln Riley!

Comment 11 Oct 2020

"Washington's brutal treatment of Dwayne Haskins."

Did you ever think that there may be more to this story than just benching Haskins for no reason? Were talking about the guy who was signing autographs for fans while he was supposed to be taking a knee to finish a game. I think there is an unseen factor for what has happened. I have always doubted his leadership and ability to make plays when under pressure. To post he was done dirty, have you ever ran an NFL franchise or any franchise for that matter? The guy is a talented thrower when all goes perfect but I question his movement and decision making when the blocking breaks down. Purdue blitzed the pants off him and he quit in that game. So let's wait until we see what happened before we start our scarlet glasses homer whining.

Comment 07 Oct 2020

I don’t think the guy has ever had to work for a thing or appreciates what it takes to WIN! Case in point was his first win as a pro when it came time to take a knee and close the game out he was clowning around on the sidelines signing autographs and the backup QB had to close the game out!! I’ll bet Burrow wouldn’t let a backup Qb close out his game!!!

Comment 06 Oct 2020

PAY HIM! He could be a God at Ohio State after this year and name his price and be here and have a stable life and household for his young family. The NFL is a graveyard of wanna be College to the NFL coaches. Do you go to Arizona and run a great offense then hire a Defensive Coordinator who has coached at 40 places before you hired him. To me staying in college is a no-brainer especially when you are at a top 5 program and being successful. The NFL has no promises only dreams, IMHO right now the NFL is a Joke!

Comment 30 Sep 2020

Burrow was a leader from the time he stepped on the LSU campus, he built on it in 2018 and proved he would fight for his guys!! Haskins is a system guy who will last maybe 5-7 years in the NFL mostly moving from team to team and being a backup! Burrow if not injured and if he is surrounded by talent will win titles!

Comment 30 Sep 2020

I watched Joe play several times in High School, his team mates love him because he includes them in everything and he is a leader, Haskins is not any type of leader. Burrow will give everything he has to win, Haskins don't like being hit! Joe will smoke a LB or try to get a 1st down. Haskins will slide on 3rd and 5 after a 4 yd run! Just watch folks !!

Comment 30 Sep 2020

Haskins was not ready to go to the NFL and his lack of athletic ability is obvious, he throws well if no pressure and he doesn't have to move in the pocket. I would call him fragile as far as his body type. He does not like contact and anticipates getting hit. He lacks leadership skills and that was obvious in the Purdue game in 2018 where he basically quit on the team. He is a want to be Lebron type, evidence was the time he was screwing around with his posse and the backup QB had to go out and close the game out. He isn't as big a clown as Cardale but the same wanna be big star attitude.

BUST? maybe I don't think that he is a serious starter on a contender ever! Prob lifetime back up!

Comment 27 Sep 2020

If Joe Burrow stays Ohio state wins the Natty last year, because he would have been the leader of that team and they would have ran through a wall for him!! Because he is a leader, haskins is a slinger and not a QB