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This is a Rebuilding Year, People

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November 20, 2018 at 2:45pm

I'm getting a little sick and fucking tired of the constant bitching about "underperforming" in the Buckeye community and nationally.  So maybe it's time to admit that we are, in fact, in a rebuilding year.

There have been 15 (FIFTEEN!!!!) draft picks from the last 3 years on the defensive side of the football.  And yet, here people sit, thinking this defense should be world beaters.  They have no experience!  Personally, I think they've played like rookies and have done well in many instances.  Second half adjustments will show that this defense isn't underperforming, they're being set up to fail.  And yet you bitch...

Folks, Dwayne Haskins is good.  Really, really good.  There's one problem here, though.  He doesn't fit what Urban typically utilizes at QB.  What has Urban done about it?  He's gone 10-1 to this point with a B1G Title and CFP berth still in reach.  With a QB that doesn't fit his scheme one bit.  And yet you bitch...

His health has been put in the spotlight.  His demeanor put in the spotlight.  His integrity put it in the spotlight.  All.  Fucking. Year.  And what has Urban Meyer done about it?  He's gone 10-1 to this point. With all of this bullshit.  He's still gone 10-1.  In a rebuilding year (thought they won't admit that).  And yet you bitch...

So the rest of you can sulk and bitch about not winning by enough points.  I'll just be cool with the fact that we have a coach great enough to be 10-1 at this point considering everything else.  Don't be a bitch.

Fuck Michigan!

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