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Comment 11 Jan 2018

I'm not here to smear him.  Birm wrote for this site for a number of years and I've always been a fan of his work.  To be completely honest I'm a little disappointed that he would even do such things; but I can forgive the act of 12 years ago.  What I can't forgive is his response because, quite frankly, it was bullshit.

Comment 10 Jan 2018

This situation is not newsworthy, just because he used to write here.

Someone made this claim above and my response was basically that if this site feels it noteworthy to post a story about a Minnesota basketball player being suspended for sexual misconduct then this is just a noteworthy.  

Comment 10 Jan 2018

Unsolicited, *according to her*.

Birm never denied that.  So, uh, yeah I'd say it was unsolicited.

Young people do stupid things all the time, for example, sending naked pictures of themselves to *each other*.

He was 26 and in a managerial position.  That isn't exactly *young*.

Aren't you one who's gotten fired up about Title IX & due process on campus here? I kind of remember that.

Uh, no, dude.  I don't generally mess with hot button topics on here nor have I given Title IX much of a thought.

Comment 10 Jan 2018

I thought the article said there were other things of that nature through AOL Instant Messenger.

In any case, the real issue is that he provided an unsolicited dick pic to a 19 year old subordinate while he was the 26 year old manager.

Comment 10 Jan 2018

The current top article on Buckshots right now is about a Minnesota player accused of sexual misconduct.  I believe that has just as much to do with this site as this about Birm.

Comment 10 Jan 2018

Yeah, now instead of just pulling out your junk on the subway you can just text it to someone.  The medium in which the harassment occurs is irrelevant.  What's relevant is that it occurred. 

Comment 10 Jan 2018

Uh, he provided his without solicitation according to this story.  So, yeah, that's harassment.  Kind of in the same way that just pulling your junk out in front of a girl who didn't ask it harassment.

Comment 10 Jan 2018

Guys should also not have to worry about losing two jobs over one pic.

I don't know.  When you send an unsolicited dick pic to someone that's barely of age when you're 26, that's kinda something that's bad.

And, if he weren't in the public eye, he probably wouldn't lose his job. 

Comment 10 Jan 2018

Yeah.  I think stating "I was young and stupid and I regret this more than anything and have since learned blah blah".  But he just blamed it on his age and being single.

Comment 10 Jan 2018

I think the main issue I took with the article is that Birm posted a response basically admitting it all and then just blamed it all on being 26 and single.  Not a good look.

Comment 10 Jan 2018

Yeah,  I kinda didn't really know what to say when I posted it.  Found it yesterday, kinda chewed on it a bit.  Then I decided to post because, well, if true people shouldn't be worshiping his writing IMO.

EDIT: Maybe just not worshiping now.  I believe everyone should be able to redeem themselves.

Comment 04 Dec 2017

When Haskins has his first bad game I don't think people will be as hard on him because we haven't been told for four fucking years how great he is.  Just my $.02.

Comment 04 Dec 2017
I mean, that might be relevant. Ohio State has been very fortunate to have had the ridiculous talent pool at RB the last five seasons that, IMO, was definitely under utilized. The offense as it exists since Urban has arrived does far better when they run to set up the pass over the top than when they throw to try to run. Haskins against Michigan is exactly what the offense is built for similarly to having Cardale with heavy dosage of Zeke.