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Something is Just off with This Team

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November 4, 2018 at 3:44pm

I don't mean to pile on with the negative threads but didn't see one specifically dedicated to the overall psyche of this team. At this point, any and all high expectations I had earlier in the season are gone - at this point, I just hope we beat Michigan.

But to address my thread topic - what is going on with this team? Its 100% speculation since we are all outsiders, but based on just observations, I would surmise that the locker room environment doesn't seem to be good. Instead of a "team" feel, it almost feels like we have a bunch of individual players out there for themselves and draft stock (again, just speculating based on observations). I don't mean to paint all players with negativity - I am sure there are several on the team busting their ass - but everything from Urban, to the lack of improvement, to the struggling with bad teams, gives a "lets just get through this season" feel.

I personally think its a perfect storm of conditions - losing your head coach for all of fall camp is a big deal. But beyond that, the players read the news stories, they're not stupid - they saw all the stories coming out about Urban keeping Zach Smith on staff way past when he should have. That communicates things to players.

Then the whole Bosa thing - I can certainly understand him not wanting to play any more games with a December return date and an injury that is highly susceptible to reinjury - but just leaving the team completely? When a captain does that, its undoubtedly going to do something to the psyche of the team. It just feels like there is no leadership. 

You combine all that with just the very strange body language Urban has showed since returning, whether its on the sidelines or some of his aloof press conferences, and just something is not right behind the scenes.

I still have hope that they can get it all together - but based on what we have seen, I don't think that'll be the case. Hope I'm wrong.

Beat Michigan.

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