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Comment 15 Jan 2020

Florida is the best value bet in that group IMO. 

I don't expect them to win it all but I expect them to trend upward and maybe win the SEC East.

Comment 29 Dec 2019

I have to agree with you on Teague. I like the guy, think he plays hard - he's not close to JK's level though. Wouldn't put him on par with a guy like Mike Weber either. I hope we find lightning in a bottle with one of the younger guys.

Comment 29 Dec 2019

This one hurts but not nearly as bad as 2015 MSU. 

Make no mistake about it - Dabo has built a machine at Clemson and Lawrence is a generational talent. There's a reason why they've won 29 straight, including 2 natties in 3 years (did you see them humiliate Bama last year?). This was a very winnable game for us which is what makes the loss hurt, but we went toe to toe with a dynasty and came up a little short. There's no guarantee we would've beaten LSU in the next round either as Burrow is looking super human.

Comment 29 Dec 2019

I really don't want to see people blaming the refs for our loss - we don't do that here. Yes, we got screwed on the fumble/TD reversal but there are so many other factors that caused us to lose. The targeting call was correct - I disagree vehemently with the rule that a player should be ejected when its incidental - but it was the correct call based on the rule. 

The biggest killers of the game for me:

- settling for too many FGs in the red zone - have to give Clemson/Venables some credit here, but we still should've had at least one more TD here

- Going after that punt - we were about to get the ball at midfield, just take the field position

- I hate to rag on Dobbins because he played a great game and was a warrior but man, that drop was a killer

- the defense  allowing Clemson to go 94 yards in 4 plays.

Even with all the fuckery - a blown call, random things going against us, and our self inflicted wounds - we were still in position to win the game at the end. That speaks to how good of a team this was. 

Comment 29 Dec 2019

This one is going to sting for awhile. 31-0 didn't really hurt - sure was embarrassing - but we were outclassed by a clearly superior opponent, so letting go of the game is easy. Not this one though. Give them all the credit in the world for hanging in when things weren't going their way and taking advantage of every OSU miscue - that's what good teams do, and they deserved the victory. But in the end, I feel like we let this one slip out of our hands. 

(and even though we got screwed on the fumble/td reverse call, don't blame the refs for our loss, plenty of other larger factors)

Comment 08 Dec 2019

After the gauntlet of teams we just played, I am happy that we have 3 weeks to get healthy. One way or the other, we were going to have to beat Clemson to win it all. The fact that they haven't been challenged all year could work a little in our favor. We need to punch them in the mouth and out-physical them. Shades of 2014 Bama to me.

Comment 02 Dec 2019
Michigan has peaked with Harbaugh. He's not a bad coach and he's improved their program from the dumpster fires of Hoke/RR but doesnt appear capable of getting them over the hump. Is there a talent gap? Sure. Theres also one with Penn State and they always play us tough and beat us occasionally (same with Michigan State earlier in the decade). Auburn finds a way go beat Bama occasionally. I think the most telling stat is that Harbaugh is something like 0-9 when he's an underdog. Sure, you're supposed to lose those games, but good coaches find a way to win one occasionally. Harbaugh beats the teams he's supposed to, and loses the ones he's not supposed to win. He never outcoaches another team for a surprise victory. Hope they keep him forever.