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Does the Media Have a Clue?

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October 27, 2018 at 10:23am

Just a quick talking point. All this week the media has taken its shots at Ohio St and basically said we’re overrated and have too many problems to fix. The part I laugh at is these are all the same people that had Ohio St ranked number 2 the week before and most saying that they were the only team that could give Bama a game. This makes me believe they have no clue what they are doing and if they even watch the games. They are the ones who hyped Ohio St up to where they were before Purdue. If you have truly watched Ohio St this season the problems we saw exposed against Purdue are the same problems we’ve been seeing since TCU. If you ask most unbias Buckeye fans we knew this team had these problems and most would say we were never playing like the second ranked team in the country. So does the media really know what they are doing with rankings and how good a team actually is or is it all about the name, history and recruiting classes behind that ranking?

With that said if the Buckeyes get their Defensive Scheme fixed and the Oline issues under control I think they can play back into the top 4.

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