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Wrote a Poem About the Purdue Loss

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October 21, 2018 at 6:17pm

Some of you may know that in addition to being a fan of Buckeye football, I'm also a poet. I don't claim to be the next James Wright or anything, but I've done okay for myself and have a chapbook coming out soon. 

Anyway, I give myself writing goals every week, and one of those goals is to write two poems a week. Today I was racking my brains for a subject to write on, when ESPN started playing highlights of last night's debacle, and well...the anger of last night returned. 

A lot of the times when I need to settle down, I take a walk outside, which is exactly what I did last night, and so this poem is a response to that. It's not even close to my best work, which is why I'm not going to send it out to any literary journals. But I figured this might be a good audience for it. 

After My Sports Team Loses the Sports Game, I Walk in Starlight


“the glaring shortcomings we have were exposed,”

-Ohio State Head Coach Urban Meyer


“I am completely at peace


there are worlds

beyond this one”

-Li Po


I know now

what those fans of the other team have felt

all the times I have been happy.

I go out for a walk

around the apartment block.

Even the stars

seem to be laughing at me, at my fandom,

unaware that they too are drifting

in someone else’s orbit,

that they too will run out of fuel,

that one day entropy

will do something

about their everything,

their superficial forever.

I tell them so. 


What am I doing

with my life,

starting a fight with the sky?


Man, fuck Purdue.

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