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I Didn't Watch the Game

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October 20, 2018 at 11:44pm

I only watched the first 2-3 minutes of tonight's game before leaving for a date. Right before I left, I caught the short sideline interview with Urban Meyer. I remember telling my girlfriend "Wow, this guy looks miserable", and I turned the TV off shortly thereafter. 

I come home to see that we were blown out by PURDUE? Unthinkable, but somehow, I'm also not surprised. Not only because of the well documented issues this program has had this season, but more than anything, just how overwhelmed Urban looked before the game even began: Eyes glossy, face red, no passion. 

I appreciate the run he went on since 2012, my best years of Ohio State fandom by far. I'll never ever forget it, and I owe that to Urban. But I sincerely believe the drama this offseason stunted the team's development in key areas and left Urban a shell of his former self. I remember thinking he'll never be the same after this way back in August, and I wish I wasn't right. I badly want to be wrong right now, I love this team, and watching Urban's downfall hurts. 

No Ohio State coach in recent history has gone out on their own terms, and neither will Urban. It's simply not acceptable to get blown out by Purdue in the year 2018. This program needs a change in direction, I never thought I would say that...

We as a fanbase need to be adamant yet respectable in our desire for change. Bless Urban for all he's done and forever more may he live on as one of the greats, but it's simply not his time anymore. I hope I'm wrong a year from now. 

Go Bucks.

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