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Comment 19 Jul 2017

It's possible if Schiano becomes available & Rutgers feels they can make a run at him. I doubt they'd try with Chris Ash still employed. I don't exactly disagree with what you said, but Rutgers seems to be the new conference doormat. Schiano going back to Rutgers would be a very similar situation to Mike Riley: Head coach at Oregon State, left to be an NFL coach for a few years, then returned to Oregon State. It's been done before. 

Comment 19 Jul 2017

I think it's more likely that next year we're letting go of Zach Smith & trying to poach Darrell Hazel from the Minnesota Vikings as our new receivers coach. We'll probably be looking to replace Schiano too, I think he ironically ends up at Rutgers after they have another craptastic year & Chris Ash ends up back with us. 

Comment 19 Jul 2017

14-1, we go undefeated the whole year until playing Alabama in the title game. This team will make enough improvements that will allow it to beat the same OU team it beat last year minus 2 NFL running backs, we score enough points & don't miss our field goals against Penn State, Iowa's lack of overall speed & athleticism outside of Akrum Wadley proves to be their undoing, we win handily against a down & out MSU team for the first time in awhile, and we win our closest game of the year against a better than expected Michigan team.

Wisconsin comes out as champions of the west, we win thanks to our ability to hone in on their running game & pressure their game managing QB's into bad throws. 

The top 4 teams in the CFP are: 1) Alabama, 2) Ohio State, 3) Oklahoma State, 4) Washington. 

Alabama handily beats Washington. We give up between 10-14 points to Oklahoma State, but still win by 20 as Mason Rudolth fares even worse against non Big 12 defenses than Baker Mayfield despite James Washington putting up 100 receiving yards. 

We come into the game against Bama with a good shot to win the game, but lose a close one. Jalen Hurts running ability combined with the tandem of Bo Scarbourough & Damien Harris opens up the play action passing game for Bama, allowing them to outscore us as their defense brings too much pressure for our downfield passing game to properly develop. Creative play calling, improved play from the O-line, and a strong running game keep us in the hunt, but Bama just returns too much talent. 

All in all, we lose the big one, but prove to be a drastically improved team. 

Comment 18 Jul 2017

We should start a go fund me page to make sure you're at every game with that record. I'm 1-0. (62-3 over Nebraska)

Comment 18 Jul 2017

I agree about the fanbase thing, we're lucky to be filtered from the majority of that here. But I don't think it's a Buckeye specific thing, Cleveland fans are the same way sometimes (lots of times..). It's just something about the breed of fan/passion we produce around here. I've always said a native Ohioan/Clevelander rooting for Michigan or Pittsburgh is the most annoying thing of all time, because they're just as annoying as our fans, but they're rooting for the other side. 

Comment 18 Jul 2017

Jim Harbaugh was my favorite coach in the NFL. Most of my favorite college football players from the late 2000's came from Florida (Joe Haden, Jeff Demps, Chris Rainey). My 2 favorite colors are Carolina Blue & Texas Burnt Orange. 

Comment 11 Jul 2017

I feel like my roster is pretty good, I've been working on it during some of my free time for a month or so now. I'm actually OCD as heck so I've gone pretty in depth with mine, even though they're not done yet. A few things about how I came up with mine:

1) I had an idea as I was finishing a season in franchise, I decided to chart the maximum amount a player at each position could improve in each individual attribute during the offseason. I then did another franchise where I simulated the season without playing any games so my individual performance wouldn't affect anything. I use these metrics to try and keep my updates more realistic, helps make sure I'm working within established confines as apposed to getting carried away. Although sometimes exceptions are made. 

2) I can't cite my source unfortunately, but I found somewhere on the web that a freshmen's overall rating is in direct correlation to their 247 composite rating as a recruit. I checked and it's true but all for a handful of offensive linemen. Between this, and comparing players measurables off ESPN's testing section and occasionally the O-zone, I feel like certain things are accurate. I also like to use the better know a buckeye scouting report section, helps me hone in on some little things. 

3) Watch the film. (obviously) 

With that said, here's a couple of players that I've finished so far for Ohio State, keep in mind the ratings can be conservative:

(JT Barrett) 94Ovrl: 85speed, 70strength, 84agility, 88acceleration, 90awareness, 75elusiveness, 86ThrowPower, 89accuracy

(Mike Weber) 87Ovrl: 88speed, 73strength, 86agility, 93acceleration, 74awareness, 85BreakTackle, 80truck, 75elusiveness, 85vision, 77StiffArm, 66SpinMove, 78juke, 84carrying

(Parris Campbell) 88Ovrl: 94speed, 65strength, 87agility, 95acceleration, 74awareness, 83vison, 81carry, 81catch, 79SpectacularCatch, 79CatchInTraffic, 83route, 82release, 93return

(Jamarco Jones) 93Ovrl: 65speed, 90strength, 73agility, 90acceleration, 92awareness, 95PassBlock, 88RunBlock, 85ImpactBlock

(Billy Price) 95Ovrl: 67Speed, 97strength, 70agility, 92acceleration, 93awareness, 87PassBlock, 91RunBlock, 85ImpactBlock

(Sam Hubbard) 90Ovrl: 85speed, 82strength, 82agility, 88acceleration, 75awareness, 77tackle, 83HitPower, 84PowerMoves, 85Finesse, 86BlockShed, 85 Pursuit, 86PlayRecognition

(Nick Bosa) 88Ovrl: 78speed, 85strength, 81agility, 87acceleration, 73awareness, 82tackle, 80HitPower, 85PowerMove, 85Finesse, 84BlockShed, 77Pursuit, 80PlayRecognition

(Tyquan Lewis): 91Ovrl: 81speed, 85strength, 79agility, 83acceleration, 85awareness, 84tackle, 83HitPower, 85PowerMove, 83finesse, 85BlockShed, 83pursuit, 87PlayRecognition 

(Dremont Jones) 90Ovrl: 77speed, 88strength, 77agility, 86acceleration, 72awareness, 82tackle, 83HitPower, 86PowerMove, 79finesse, 81BlockShed, 83pursuit, 82PlayRecognition

(Jerome Baker) 89Ovrl: 87speed, 76strength, 81agility, 88acceleration, 83awareness, 86tackle, 82HitPower, 75PowerMove, 75Finesse, 79BlockShed, 86pursuit, 85PlayRecognition, 75ManCover, 83ZoneCover, 70Press

(Denzel Ward) 88Ovrl: 97speed, 56strength, 91agility, 93acceleration, 80awarness, 87jumping, 76tackle, 75HitPower, 87Pursuit, 83PlayRecognition, 94ManCover, 86ZoneCover, 83Press

Comment 10 Jul 2017
My god that website is painful.. Just a disheveled heap of ignorance and stupidity. Being a Buckeye fan really is a tremendous blessing.
Comment 30 May 2017
My crazy takes double as my perceived best case scenario for the upcoming year: JT Barrett: 2800yds passing, 34tds, 4ints, 68%com, 650yds rushing, 8tds, finishes 3rd in Heisman vote Mike Weber: 1500yds, 14tds, 5.5ypc, 270rec yds, 3tds Leading receiver: Parris Cambell with 850yds, 7tds. Marcus Baugh: 600yds, 8tds, finishes top 5 for Mackey award. Nick Bosa: 10 sacks, 15tfls And I think Blake wins the starting kicker job. I saw that trick kick he did where he tosses the ball in front of him and kicked a 50 yard field goal or something like that.
Comment 16 May 2017
Wow, and I thought I was a young Buckeye fan. Somebody who doesn't even remember anything before Meyer? That's just weird. I started in 2006 with the Michigan game personally, when I was 14. Doesn't matter if they win or lose now, 2011 was even memorable for me. My Ohio State fandom means more to me than any other because nobody ever pushed it on me, it wasn't inherited, I kinda discovered it on my own.
Comment 29 Apr 2017

It's hard to give up on the Browns, but I have a difficult time watching them at all. I might've caught two games all of last season. I love the David Njoku pick & I can't be mad at Myles Garrett. But passing Malik for Peppers? And the rest of the draft man. At this point, I'm still with the Browns from a distance, but also pulling for the Cowboys thanks to Zeke. 

Comment 19 Apr 2017
I've been binge watching JT's Youtube vs videos the past few days. I think there's been a lot of growth in his game over the past few seasons, just not enough growth in the offense around him. Our O-line = downgraded from 2013-2014. Our receivers = downgraded from 2014. Our playcalling = downgrade since 2014. I watch the game from this year vs Wisconsin, and it appears to me JT actually goes through his reads quite often. I see some growth in his game.
Comment 15 Apr 2017
I have to agree with Down East here. Boyd & Watson are both names a lot of big time programs (including us) were after during recruiting. I see nobody on their current roster that strikes me as an immediate threat to pick up where Watson left off. Clemson can still coach the hell out of receivers and D-linemen, but their ability to remain elite may be even more QB dependent than most teams.
Comment 31 Jan 2017

I heard about this earlier. I watched the games he started on Youtube, he doesn't look bad to me. But we'd be giving up a first round pick, so I would rather avoid it.

Comment 24 Jan 2017

I'm not saying he isn't an outstanding athlete, but he did have the deepest receiving corps in the nation & a decent running game to fall back on. Mike Williams looks like a can't miss WR prospect, and Jordan Leggett doesn't get enough credit for his receiving ability. That may have bolstered his stats & effectiveness considerably. 

Comment 24 Jan 2017

I love this guy. He reminds me so much of Saquon Barkley: very speedy, makes guys miss in small spaces, can go north/south or out to the edge, has some power. They're the same player, I swear. I honestly don't know why we pursued any other RB, this guy is a big play waiting to happen.