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Comment 05 Jan 2018

I support the parade, I used to be against it. When I realized it was a protest to embarrass the organization, I was all for it. I originally thought it was just a bunch of drunks satirically celebrating mediocrity as another excuse to drink and make Cleveland look dumb. And Michael Rapaport?? Really? I'm all for doing anything that pisses that d-bag off. 

Comment 04 Jan 2018

Orlando Pace for sure, that way we get an immediate/dominant contributor & get to keep Prince on the right side. 

Joey Bosa, no doubt. We need a DE, he'd be yet another immediate/dominant contributor. 

Mike Nugent. We need someone who can consistently hit long range field goals, very underrated. He'd be worth 6-9 points a game today.

Cris Carter. 1 handed catches, incredible boundary skills, great routes. Immediate contributor as a Freshmen. 

For the last one, hard to argue with Terrelle Pryor. Arm to stretch the field, running ability, size. What could Ryan Day do with him?

Comment 04 Jan 2018
I'm by no means suggesting we stop the cherry picking nationally approach. Tyreke Johnson is my favorite recruit this year, a Florida boy. I do feel like a greater effort needs to be made to identify in state talent. Somehow you need to get closer to these guys at least once per year and see in person what they offer athletically, sometimes you "accidentally" discover a Sam Hubbard. National recruiting can be a beautiful thing, but too much can leave you high and dry sometimes. Give me spring practice damnit!
Comment 04 Jan 2018
Both from an Island off the coast of Croatia. They speak great English, don't even have accents if you can believe it. I appreciate somebody was willing to read that much. Lol
Comment 04 Jan 2018
Warning: long post ahead I'm 25, my parents are foreign so I never really got introduced to Ohio State until I was 14. Well, they're not totally foreign, but not integrated into society enough to care about non-Cleveland specific sports. My fandom started in 2006, everyone at school would not stop talking about the big game with Michigan. I got a bit swept up in the hype somehow, and ended up watching it. I had only ever enjoyed Basketball, with the Browns always sucking and whatnot, but Ohio State made me love football. Fox 8 ran a 12-0 season highlight video on the morning news with "Fight the team" playing in the background while Troy Smith and Tedd Ginn tore hapless cucks apart. Idk why but it gave me chills, and my love for Ohio State just grew. I love Ohio the way most Texans love Texas, how could I not embrace this team? Like you, I haven't seen Michigan truly threaten Ohio State during my time. BUT, my love for Ohio gives me a built in trump card to that issue: If you think your state is better than mine, I automatically hold a supreme disdain for everything you, and everything you say can & will be used against you in the court of me. Your state sucks, and I will relish every opportunity to show you that. I hate dislike or hate every fanbase in America besides Nebraska, whom I consider a very distant secondary rooting interest.. Idk why I just like them. Why should you hate Michigan? ▫They think their fight song is better than ours. ▫They think they're so great, but they suckle Ohio's teet for most of their relevant talent. How do they they thank us for that talent? By calling us the worst state ever. F*** you b****, enjoy Detroit. ▫Did you know all 3 of their Heisman winners were born out of state? Michigan men my @#$. ▫Have you ever found yourself arguing with a Michigan fan? If they can't impress you with wins from the 1800's, Heisman winners I can't even remember, or the godforsaken "academics" bulls***, they just ride their moral high horse and start to really piss you off. Anyone with an elitist attitude towards society just angers me, that's 75% of these morons who believe themselves to be the other Harvard. ▫Braylon Edwards and his case of the dropsies. (If you're a Browns fan) ▫Leaders and the best? Or whatever the heck they say so much. Who do you think you are? What about Taylor Lewan screams "Leader" to anyone? Only thing he could lead is an army or douchebags with bleeding foreheads, and even then he might still be second in command to the ghost of Hitler. ▫Michigan fans on LandTheives. Sending them to the shadow realm never gets old, but have you ever seen a photoshopped picture of Urban Meyer bent over in front of Lincoln Riley while.. ok I don't wanna put that picture in your head. But I have seen that picture, courtesy of their resident scUM fans. Typical, living vicariously through the few teams that actually have mustered a win against us. ▫Outback Steakhouse. Free Bloomin Onion. Something I've enjoyed I'd say 5 of the past 6 years now. Michigan could have taken that from me twice. ▫LAST BUT NOT AT ALL LEAST, I remember 2011. Although I was over that loss quickly thanks to the hiring of Urban Meyer, I still remember how arrogant Michigan fans were about it. You name it, I heard it: Brady Hoke here to "win the right way", Hoke poised to pass Saban, Hoke will be Michigans Tressel & dominate us for years to come, UM set to win multiple championships.. Imagine a world like that, I wouldn't even watch college football anymore. I LOVE college football. Michigan winning anything of significance ruins that, because they have to beat us to win anything of significance. FUCK MICHIGAN.. Happy new year.
Comment 02 Jan 2018

I was never a huge fan of Kizer mostly because I wasn't a fan of his decision making, and I felt he would be an interception machine. To be fair, he does have a big arm, but he's ultimately become that interception machine. Anyone with eyes can see Sam Darnold has the potential to become the next Big Ben, but he looks like he needs another year to work on his ball security. With Rosen saying he wont come here... we're screwed. 

Comment 02 Jan 2018

What aspects of your game do you feel you've improved upon during your senior year? And what part of your game are you most excited to focus on in the future? 

PS: Welcome to Buckeye Nation, we're glad to have you. 

Comment 02 Jan 2018

I'm not just a Buckeye fan, but a college football fan. I haven't been shy about proclaiming Saquon Barkley as my favorite CFB player this year, just to illustrate that point. I love CFB, but I have vowed not to watch a second of this game. Georgia has earned their place in the title game, but Bama hasn't. I can't stomach this all SEC title game & the return to the "SEC dominance narrative" that was pushed on us for nearly a decade. It's just plain bad for the sport. 

I get it, we should have beat Oklahoma. We shouldn't have lost to Iowa. We should have done a lot of things, yes.. but apparently scheduling Mercer was on that list as well. B10 Champs vs a now 13 win Wisconsin team, enough said. 

Comment 31 Dec 2017

I've heard Winfield mention as the best pound for pound tackler in the history of the school. It would have been nice to see him play. 

Comment 30 Dec 2017

Marshon Lattimore over Eli Apple all day every day. I may be young, but Lattimore is the most flawless college CB I ever saw. 

Comment 30 Dec 2017

I'll be the first to tell you I'm not sold on him being a 10 year starter in the NFL, but I'll also be the first to tell you this isn't the time or place to bring it up. This thread is specifically to appreciate JT's time here and the things he accomplished. If you can't do that, I can't help you. What you're doing is the lesser equivalent of going to Woody's funeral & making sure his whole family knows you think he's a bad guy for punching that Clemson player. Not exactly the same thing, but again: time & place.

Comment 30 Dec 2017

I love JT Barrett, I wish him well. The best mesh point QB in college football, masterful fake handoffs. You have to admit, you hate it when he runs on third downs, but he almost always picks up the yards. #4-0

Comment 28 Dec 2017

I would love this. I think it would work out famously, as you could not only draw fanbases of the participating schools, but CFB fans from NE Ohio plus people interested in visiting the Hall of Fame. I think it could be on par with the Outback Bowl (which I watch every year, rooting for whatever team will win me a free Bloomin Onion). Imagine if they'd matched up Purdue & Florida State, I would go watch that.

Comment 25 Dec 2017
I'm a JT fan myself, but I did the fansided draft simulator last night as my beloved Cleveland Browns. There's a reason JT is the lowest ranked QB and went undrafted: for everything he does well, zero arm talent. Our offense could be unbelievable next year.