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Comment 16 Nov 2019
I mean I agree. We've seen Ryan Day keep Fields in right before the half with a big lead before to get him those same reps. It is what it is now. Bama will be fine.
Comment 10 Nov 2019
Watch out for Michigan State keeping Dantonio, and hiring Chad Morris to make the offense relevant. I think it could happen.
Comment 07 Nov 2019
I agree 100%. I spent nearly $500 on tickets to that Penn State game. It's not like I'm sitting in the lower area, either. I was expecting a night time banger. So what are we just gonna have that game against MSU? That tired ass shit? Sometimes I dislike night games, depends on the opponent. Penn State, Wisconsin, those games deserved better than the noon slot.
Comment 05 Nov 2019
I recently got a little bored & decided to do all time rosters for all the blue bloods in NCAA 14. I admit I have a slight recency bias. LT Orlando Pace, LG Jim Lachey, C LeCharles Bentley, RG John Hicks, RT Korey Stringer Btw, my starting QB is Troy. In a controversial decision, I chose Braxton as the 2nd teamer over Dwayne. I think he was much more dynamic.
Comment 26 Oct 2019
"But... but... Alex Grinch fixed the defense? And the residual effects of his coaching are the only reason Ohio State's defense is so good!?" - Actual human beings in the year 2019 On my way to their site to watch the world burn. It sure is great to be a Buckeye.
Comment 25 Oct 2019
There's so many arguments to be made in favor of what makes us a more balanced/better team overall than Wisconsin. Unfortunately, they'll never concede that fact as Wisconsin fans. In all honesty, why would you expect them to? Let alone believe it? Am I advocating you take the high road or stop picking on them? The complete opposite, actually. Observe: "Wisconsin sucks". Simple, yet effective. Many will brand you a troll, and act like they're writing you off. But in reality, they're mad about it. All you have to do sometimes is dumb it down a little, you'll be surprised how much fun it can be.
Comment 19 Oct 2019

I think the NFL having a minor league system could be an amazing thing. It would potentially allow for football year round, bring high level football to areas of the country that currently don't have it, allow certain players to develop and actually have a real shot in the league, all while potentially making the quality of play better at the highest level. I think about places like Toledo & Tulsa having teams, that would be really neat. 

But it's not something I think should happen at the expense of college football, and whether you realize it or not, that's sort of what you're advocating for. The two ideas could easily coexist if minor league football were played in the spring time. 

As far as college football in general is concerned, it's fine by me. The goal of an educational institution is to prepare students to achieve professional status in a chosen field, whether it be their major or minor. College football if you think about it, is technically a major for the more talented student athletes & a minor for others. You send a player to the league, then professor Ryan Day/Urban Meyer have successfully done their job. Besides, nobody is forced to play, let's not treat the game as some institutionalized injustice.

Comment 19 Oct 2019

2/3's, but not the entirety. And in a way, it's still more reliable than a committee, especially with the addition of the playoff format. 

Comment 19 Oct 2019

I was on OU's fan forum after the Watts de-commitment. Many of them think that Alex Grinch's coaching has carried over to this season for us, and that our defensive improvement is partly attributed to Grinch somehow.... I'm confused. Also, we play in a weak offensive conference, it's easy for our defense to eat everyone alive in the B10. Did I mention we haven't played anyone & our schedule sucks? Cupcakes anybody? Apparently there's enough for everyone on our schedule.

I harbor a supreme disdain for that fanbase's collective arrogance, and I'm not so patiently awaiting to watch the Grinch experiment blow up in their face. 

Comment 17 Oct 2019
I personally think the playoff committee is too open to popular opinion & ultimately letting the media choose for them.