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Offensive Line... What Would You Do?

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October 15, 2018 at 9:14am

First, let me compliment them in that until yesterday they’ve been excellent in pass coverage. 

As to our inability to run the ball...is it possible that we’re too tall at center? Mike J was a great guard, but if he’s too tall at center, making him a little slow in snapping and getting off the ball, is that throwing Malcolm and Meechy off?

It looks like our interior line is getting abused in the run game. We only have one new interior starter, but none of them are showing well in the run game. 

Is it toughness? That seems too simple. Most of these guys have done it before.

Scheme? Perhaps we need a little bit more of the old ground and pound type run game with Haskins under center.

Do we have the right combination of linemen (gel)? IDK.  Move Jordan back to guard, get Josh M. Or Brady T. In at center.  Maybe Branden Bowen comes back and reclaims his spot or Wyatt Davis gets more PT.

We may not beat Purdue ... let alone Sparty or TTUN... with the line as it’s currently operating.

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