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A TTUN Night Game

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October 11, 2018 at 2:24pm

I searched. It was discussed five football seasons ago. Let's talk about it again.

I love tradition. I love B1G football being at noon so that I can do whatever I want to after 3:30pm. It's great. In fact, if I'm being honest, it is sometimes a nuisance to have to plan my Saturday evenings around the Buckeyes since we are getting so much love from the night-game TV network planners. But it comes with the territory: big teams play big games, and big games are generally at night.

That said, if we're already going to have like 5 night games, why don't we just go ahead and schedule The Game at night? 

  • The Iron Bowl is always either afternoon or night. And people (mistakenly) believe that because it's at night, it's the "bigger game." Night games dominate the next day's highlights, because people who went to bed haven't seen what happened. Unlike a noon game, where we all move on with our lives after 4pm.
  • It allows us to split up the Iron Bowl's ratings juggernaut. If FOX is serious about making the B1G a ratings contender, then pit The Game against the Iron Bowl.
  • We could wear alternate unis at night against a team that matters. You want a blackout? You better believe the fans would actually do it.
  • The optics of a prime-time rivalry game would work in our favor, regardless of how good or bad TTUN is. It works for Bama. Why not leverage that influence?

Look, I love that 12:00pm is "our time." It's always when OSU and TTUN play. But if you gave me the option to trade in Nebraska at 8pm for TTUN, I'd do it in a heartbeat.


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