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QB Sneak: 4th & Inches

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October 1, 2018 at 10:25am

Insanity that in 3rd or 4th & inches we are still hiking the ball 7 backwards and trying to execute some cutesie zone-read. Everyone knows it’s coming, DL & LB shooting gaps and blowing it up before any momentum and stuffed.

We only need 6 inches! Line up your big QB directly under center, snap it to him and tell him to lean/fall forward. If there’s absolutely no push, have him extend the ball with his hand & stretch it across the marker for 1 second. That’s all it takes! Good enough for a first down & move the chains. Snapping the ball 7 yds back in shotgun when we only need inches to sustain a drive makes no sense and is stubborn system drivel that could easily derail a season.

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