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Can We Talk About ABC’s Terrible Coverage?

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September 30, 2018 at 2:13pm

Over the years we’ve come to expect what we hear out of Herbstreit’s mouth. We know we loves the Buckeyes and will praise them but will also be over critical to a fault so he doesn’t seem bias. But what was coming out of Fowler’s mouth last night was unbearable. Not sure if he just hates Ohio St or if the whole Urban thing put a sour taste in his mouth but you could easily tell who he was pulling for. It climaxed on the fourth down play where Dobbins run was clearly close to the first down marker but Fowler shouts out “and he will not get it” as if he got stuck 2 yards in the backfield. Clearly it was close enough to be reviewed but Fowler sounded like a Penn St fan boy on the call instead of an unbias TV personality. I’m hoping we don’t get stuck with anymore terrible ESPN coverage the rest of the year. Give me Gus Johnson all day long.

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