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Targeting Calls Getting Worse IMO

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September 30, 2018 at 9:06am

Please tell me how the targeting call against Pryor was any different than the no-call in the TCU game when Haskins knee's were clearly down when the TCU player lead with his helmet as Haskin's was being tackled? The announcers said the PSU player was defenseless as the reason they called targeting. In the TCU game, their LB intentionally led with his helmet and we didnt even get a late hit penalty. Players hitting guys on the ground after the tackle,is a big problem in CF. Hapoens way too much and is never called. Its more of a problem imo than the targeting the NCAA is trying to stop with big hits over the shoulders. I couldn't believe Pryor got tossed, ridiculous imo.

On a brighter note, O H bitches!!

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