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September 25, 2018 at 5:28pm

It wouldn't be #NotOurRival week if we didn't talk about some of the history of PSU: Penn State Pick Six University.

Did you know, Penn State quarterbacks have thrown NINE (9!) interceptions to the Silver Bullets since 2001 that have been returned for Buckeye touchdowns! That’s 9 td’s in the last 17 games.

While the Buckeyes haven’t had a pick-6 in this series since 2012, it’s still easy for many of us to remember these guys as Pick Six University… because they’re definitely not remembered as our rivals.

Some fun facts:

  • 7 of the 9 pick-6’s have been during EVEN years (‘02,’04,’06,’10,’12)
  • Buckeyes had two pick-6’s in one game twice (‘06,’10)
  • That pick-12 performance in ’06 was the only time the Buckeyes had a pick-6 (or two) in September… the pick-12 performance in ’10 was the only time the Buckeyes had a pick-6 (or two) in November… all of the others occurred in October
  • Buckeyes are 6-1 when getting a pick-6 vs PSU (only loss in ‘01 by 2 points)
  • Average margin of victory for the Buckeyes when getting a pick-6 is 13 points… 15.5 if you exclude the loss in ‘01
  • 3 of the 9 pick-6’s have come in Happy Valley (‘01,’07,’12)
  • 6 of the 9 pick-6’s were thrown by two quarterbacks, Anthony Morelli and Matt McGloin (3 each)
  • The Buckeyes have gone undefeated twice when getting a pick-6 against PSU (’02,’12)
  • The Buckeyes have been Big Ten champions 3 times when getting a pick-6 in this game (’02,’06,’07)
  • The Buckeyes have played for the national championship EVERY TIME they get a pick-6 against PSU and win the Big Ten championship (’02,’06,’07)

Let's go to the highlights!


Derek Ross returned an interception from PSU QB Zack Mills 44 yards to give the Buckeyes a 26-9 lead in the third quarter. The Nittany Lions would come back to win this game 29-27.



The most famous pick-6 in Buckeye football history… The stuff legends (and champions) are made of.



Tyler Everett picks off a first quarter Michael Robinson pass and returns it 24 yards to give the Buckeyes a 13-0 lead on their second non offensive touchdown of the game (Ted Ginn Jr 67 yard punt return). Couldn’t find video, here’s the recap from ESPN.



Protecting a 14-6 lead in the 4th quarter, Malcolm Jenkins puts the nail in the coffin with a 61 yard pick-6 of PSU QB Anthony Morelli. Buckeyes lead 20-6.


Assuming no lead was safe, Antonio Smith decides to add another nail to the coffin just 1 minute and 24 seconds later.



Malcolm Jenkins and Anthony Morelli make another appearance in the annals of Pick Six University as Jenkins takes a 4th quarter pick 24 yards to the house to give the Buckeyes a 33-10 lead.


2010 (Yes, the Buckeyes played – and won – football games in 2010)

Trailing 14-10 in the third quarter, Devon Torrance steps in front of a Matt McGloin pass and gives the Buckeyes a 16-14 lead following a 34 yard return.


McGloin is again intercepted, this time by Travis Howard, who gives the Buckeyes a comfortable 30-14 lead following a 30 yard return.



With the game tied at 7 early in the second half, Ryan Shazier changes the tone of the game with a 17 yard pick-6 of Matt McGloin to give the Buckeyes the lead for good. Shazier wore number 48 in this game to honor his childhood friend Gary Curtis.


Here's to the Buckeyes writing a new chapter in the legendary book of Pick Six University. Go Bucks! Beat Penn State!

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