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Drake Needs to Go, and Hopefully Soon.

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September 23, 2018 at 12:27am

I think it's urgent for the future of OSU football that Drake is terminated.  Reasons why it's crucial a change is made:

1) Drake failed to stand up for his program and his coach, in the face of lies.  I have zero confidence he can respond to adversity moving forward when he choked with the truth on his side.

2) He has tarnished the Ohio State brand by apologizing for things OSU was innocent of.

3)  He has potentially helped ruin Urban Meyer's legacy because of points 1 and 2; and has put Meyer's career in jeopardy. 

4)  If reports are accurate that Day is a coach in waiting, he continues to botch things by showing Meyer a lack of respect, even if it's a "long term" plan.  Not to mention, to assume Day (who is impressive,) can follow up on Meyer's resume of elite recruiting and W/L record, is absurd. 

It's pretty simple: Ohio State can do so much better and deserves better.  Drake deserves no respect. 

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