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The Ohio State Running Game As of the Last Two Games

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September 22, 2018 at 9:41pm

Four games in and we are 4-0! UFM runs an offense that wants to pound the ball, and even though we have some really nice stats running the ball, I don’t think we have truly dominated in the running game, primarily the run blocking. 

Maybe it’s just me, but after watching the TCU game, we really didn’t dominate in the running game until late in the 4th and that was because Dobbins went Beast-mode at the end and broke tackles. I think in the Tulane game today, we were really focused on continuing to work the passing game for next week, but I just don’t see the O-line really dominating in the trenches like they have in the past. I’m not saying they are playing bad, but I’m just not seeing the holes our backs have had in the past. Thank god we have monsters carrying the rock and can break tackles, because the push doesn’t seem to be there like I would expect against subpar teams and even with the size advantage we had against TCU. It seems like Dobbins and Webber are not getting to the second level very clean and doing a lot of work breaking tackles to even get into the second level.

Pass blocking had been exceptional for the most part. It’s not fair to think Haskins won’t get sacked even against a bad team. Maybe the lack of the QB option offense has closed down some of the holes since we are running a more traditional offense (let’s face it, Haskins isn’t pulling that “option” out and running it and I don’t want him to) but the line should be anhiliating teams like Tulane. We were stopped a few times on 3rd down vs TCU and once today (with the second team in). I just hope that the o-line in critical 3rd and 2 against a PSU, MSU, or TTUN can get that push. MSU and TTUN worry me a little more than PSU. I want a physical offensive line. I know the passing game improvement is going to dent the running game and I am totally fine with that, just asking if anyone has noticed the lack of push the last 2 weeks? Hopefully I am just being extremely critical. 

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