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“Love Me!”—Tulane

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September 18, 2018 at 12:22am


Ok, I'm looking forward to the coming "10 Reasons to Hate Tulane" article.  That is gonna be some creative writing. I'm finding it hard to hate these guys.  

The above link will take you to the Green Wave blog site, where most of the arguements center around, "well how bad do we suck" or "who is the reason we suck so bad".  

Except the linked article is one in which a particular fan is being accused of being the program's jinx, because every single away game he has ever attended, they have lost.  I read it with the usual sarcasm alert mentality you need to survive and thrive here at 11W, but soon realized that they were serious!  I continued to read like a curious onlooker of an unfortunate and sad accident.

I reflected on how their greatest ambition yearly is to just make a bowl game, with most predicting a four or five win season at best...and how we get miffed that our redshirt freshmen aren't quite elite yet.  

So yeah, it's gonna be hard to hate Tulane...in fact, I'm grateful Tulane is exactly where they are on this schedule, a true tune-up game, and meaning no disrespect to our opponents, but absolutely no chance...0 percent, that Tulane wins it, but also zero percent the Buckeyes slack off the gas until that respectful final possession as the waning minutes tick mercifully off.

Quite possible that mistakes continue from especially among the younger rotations on defense.  Weber and Dobbins will explode.  Haskins will amaze with laser accuracy.  Receiving yards will be stellar.  Even with the youngest getting in there, 700+ yards of offense.

Absolutely perfect matchup at the perfect time...so again, it's gonna be extremely difficult, nigh on to impossible, to hate Tulane.

Eleven Warriors Staff, sirs?  Could we substitute, just this once...an article entitled, "Ten Reasons To LOVE Tulane"? 

Pretty please with a cute green bow tied around it?


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