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Why Does Meyer Keep Talking About the Smith Debacle?

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September 17, 2018 at 2:09pm

Urbs is a great coach and he's pretty good at talking about football. He is not very good at talking about things that aren't football, as evidenced repeatedly in this Smith debacle.

The PR people at OSU showed some serious lack of judgement in letting him do this ESPN interview and release all of those tweets. Even letting him answer so many questions at the presser today was a mistake.

The PR logic seems to be "let Urban get everything out there and then all will be fine", when in reality, if he just simply stopped talking about the issue it would go away really quickly. In talking in-depth and fielding so many questions, he's just digging deeper holes (now someone is going to find the "IT guy" and ask him questions) and keeping it fresh in everyone's mind.

Hopefully after today's presser it will calm down, but he should answer every question about Smith going forward as "I've already addressed that, next question." There's been an investigation and a punishment has been served...time to move on from this ugly incident. 

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