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"Rankings Don't Matter" but I'm Still Worried

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September 17, 2018 at 9:31am

Look, I know every year we collectively say "the only rankings that matter are the CFP rankings" and "the AP hates us" and "preseason rankings are the skim milk of rankings" but I am kind of stunned that there was no movement in the top four of the AP. 

let me correct that: I'm stunned that apparently GEORGIA is worthy of leapfrogging an under-performing Clemson squad, but OSU, who now possesses by far the best win of the top 5 teams, isn't rewarded in the slightest. We're still ranked pretty distantly behind #3 Clemson in points. 

In some ways, I understand. It seems like the AP is tying to subtly push Clemson to where they belong right now (#4 or #5, imho), but didn't feel justified in jumping two teams over them when all of the top 5 won. But still--how does any team win a game of this magnitude and make up almost no ground on teams playing GA Southern and Middle Tennessee?

Do you think that a) the Urban scandal and/or b) The B1G's generally turd-like Saturday is affecting the way that voters evaluated this nonconference "neutral site" top-15 win?

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