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Huge Talent Difference Between OSU and TCU

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September 9, 2018 at 10:40pm

I posted the same thing on another site, but I figure I'd post it here as well. I looked through the rosters and found that the talent disparity is a lot larger than I was expecting. I know most teams don't recruit on the same planet as we do, but TCU has been good for a long time now so I was just curious. On the current 85-man rosters...

5-stars: OSU leads 11-0
4-stars: OSU leads 54-10
Top 100: OSU leads 36-2

I'm not saying we can't lose in a one game scenario, but as Good as Patterson is, he's going to have to have an incredible game plan to overcome this difference. I think our depth will wear them down by the end of the game. We're so spoiled. Go Bucks!

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