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Comment 03 Jan 2020
Maybe Dobbins leaving convinced him already? I mean, if those shots are legit then his mom basically confirmed he's coming here. Although, we've seen how that has ended for us before lol
Comment 28 Jul 2019
It's clear Bijan told everyone including our coaches he was coming. Hope Bill just got some bad info, and that didn't actually change...
Comment 06 Jul 2019
Gee Scott Sr. on Bucknuts.. "Since Christmas of 2018, my son has gained a family (fan base) that’s second to none. I’ve watched him change. He has always been a hard worker, but what I’m seeing today is crazy. Back from Dallas, and this morning he is on the field running routes. My point is, please understand that all of you are a huge part to his commitment to tOSU and his commitment to be better. As a father, I can’t ask for anything better. Oh, and one last thing, please don’t worry, he will be signing those papers in December. Happy 4th to you and your families, and #GoBucks"
Comment 03 Jul 2019
LSU insiders posted a few days ago that he spoke to the parents and said they had moved to Louisana. Very weird to make something like that up! Wow!
Comment 21 Apr 2019
Love how we get a massive TE prospect who can finally stretch the field and he won't get a chance to start until his 4th year. Put Ruckert on the field. He has so much more upside than any of our other TE's. Love the other projections but Browning needs to be put on the outside
Comment 21 Jan 2019
Ruckert will 100% be starting at TE next year. With the new passing attack Day will put out the guy who can make big plays over the better run blocker. Mitchell needs to start over Borland. He just can't play in space against spread teams with speed. Finally, I believe NPF will put on the weight he needs to and will start at RT this year. Too talented to keep off the field. Alabi has tried RT and doesn't feel comfortable. LT and RT are not interchangeable like some think. And Munford has been injured often enough that it seems safe to keep a great guy backing him up who has shown he can do it.
Comment 19 Dec 2018
On 247, Justin Fields is ranked the 8th best recruit of ALL-TIME. If he wants in take him NOW. If Tate feels like he doesn't want to compete then that's on him.
Comment 28 Oct 2018
I hope Teradja Mitchell is our starting MLB next year. Move Browning to the spot he should be at OLB. Browning-Mitchell-Harrison would look nice out there. It wont happen because Werner and Borland will be starters here for the next 3 year because this just how we roll at Ohio State now. Regardless of how bad they are when their on the field. But hey, one can dream that we'll actually put the best talent on the field someday, cant we?