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Thoughts About Giving Up 31pts and “issues” on the D

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September 3, 2018 at 5:08pm

After rewatching the game for the 3rd time, I was reminded of Tressel Osu vs Navy. I remembered them pulling the starters in the first half, then putting them back in, because Navy closed the gap. Think it was a close game toward the end.

I remember Ohio U having a lead at halftime or something close to that.  I know Bowling Green gave us a scare at one point. 

The breakdowns against the other OSU happened mostly when the game was in hand, and inexperienced players were on the field. It should have been 42-7 at half, but Sheffield missed an interception that resulted in a circus type catch to pick up a 3rd & 15. 

Fuller & Borland not starting has an effect too, but there were some non starters involved in some of the fiasco. The new redshirt rule might add to some points allowed, and that’s fine. I noticed Togai (spelling?) was playing before Oregon State score their 2nd td. 

Ohio State played a ton of players on Saturday. The starters gave up 7, but it was a mixture after that. I’ve been drinking. Go Bucks

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