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  • SPORTS MOMENT: The 2014-2015 Ohio State Football season
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Comment 21 Dec 2019

Cognitive dissonance.. echo chamber mentality. Some here are genuinely pissed at the claim that the earth is flat. They use downvoted to prove they’re right. Why can’t they just laugh like they probably did when they read the Kaleke quote about osu/um talent?

Comment 12 Dec 2019

I had to leave that site and watch puppy videos on YouTube to calm down. Classless cesspool. Fuck everything that is orange and purple. My new favorites teams are:

1 Ohio State 

2 whoever plays ttun  

3 whoever plays notre dame 

4 whoever plays clemson

Comment 11 Dec 2019

He’s the one who needs a “get back guy” tugging on his clothes the whole game. What the f$&k is wrong with him...

Comment 09 Oct 2019

He might just play dumb. It created this forum didn’t it? Got more clicks, didn’t it? 

Or he doesn’t watch every game like us diehards. Maybe he’s been looking at hoops or nfl lately. He’s a voice, not a rule or law. He’s a personality, not a compass. 

Comment 24 Sep 2019

I see your point. Was just playing around, but I guess it’s probably getting old at this point. Maybe I just don’t take threads about espn that seriously. 

For the record, I don’t bash anyone, nor have I ever downvoted a comment. 

Comment 08 Sep 2019

He stands tall in the pocket. The oline will have to keep it clean if they want him to remain upright. Our d-line will swallow him up constantly. Expecting multiple sacks. 

Comment 08 Sep 2019

Will have to contain him on designed qb run plays. I hear he hits the hole hard!