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Hey Coach, Are You from Ohio?

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May 14, 2018 at 2:16pm

It was announced in an article last week that Ohio State would enter the 2018 season with just 29 native Ohioans on the roster—an all-time low for the program.  The sentiment in the comments section seemed to be that most fans didn’t care where the players come from, so long as we keep winning.  While I personally disagree with this sentiment, it got me thinking.  Would fans be OK with a head football coach with no ties to Ohio?  The obvious example that comes to mind is John Cooper, who coached the Bucks from 1988-2000.  The Tennessee native compiled some powerhouse teams and was on the cusp of winning the national title on multiple occasions, only to be turned back by Michigan in the last game of the season (and Michigan State in the second to last game one year).  Cooper’s abysmal 2-10-1 record against Michigan and lack of ties to Ohio were the primary motivators for the university to ensure the next head coach would have ties to Ohio—enter Jim Tressel, Buckeye native and Youngstown State football coach.   


So, my questions for the forum are:

Does it matter if the head football coach for Ohio State is from Ohio or has ties to Ohio State?  Why or why not?

Is it possible for a coach with no ties to Ohio or Ohio State to “learn” to become a Buckeye and embrace the rivalry with Michigan?  Is a connection to Ohio/Ohio State as important for other sports as it appears to be for football?

Who would you like to see coach Ohio State in the post-Urban Meyer era?


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