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I grew up in Delaware, Ohio and have been a Buckeye fan for as long as I can remember. I went to Ohio State while it was still easy to get in to, not like it is now. My favorite memory of a Buckeye game was when my dad took me to Ohio Stadium when I was about 10. I couldn't believe how big the place was and still get chills when I go to the stadium.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Playing on my dad's soccer team as a kid when we won a tournament in Marion, Ohio.
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Comment 02 Oct 2019

I don't think Day's success would impact Urban's decision to coach again.  I think Urban's health problems led him to head for the exits at OSU and unless he's able to resolve them, I can't see him coaching again.  I would agree that Urban certainly has the desire to coach again, I just don't think his health issues will let him.  

Comment 30 Sep 2019

That was a fun read.  I must admit, this team and the coaches are far and away better than I would have expected.  The whole team is just playing hungry and determined.  The defense is goddam dominant, and love the '85 Bears comparison by that poor Michigan fan.  The offensive play claying has been just masterful.  I just cannot see this team being challenged until we get to the playoff.  Gonna be a great season!!  Go Bucks!

Comment 10 Sep 2019

Gattis has to be frustrated.  Their offense just seems to be out of synch, which you have to figure is a result of Harbaugh being unwilling to relinquish control of the offense.  

Comment 06 Sep 2019

The only time I rooted against OSU was in Cooper's last game against South Carolina.  Just couldn't stomach another season with Coop at the helm.  

Tomorrow I will most certainly be rooting for the Bucks to win and hope my predictions are dead wrong.  

Comment 06 Sep 2019

I like UC to win this game 24-17.  I think Fickell, and a Bearcats team stocked full of talented Ohio kids, will come in with something to prove and get the win.  I think a solid UC defense will be able to dominate the weakest unit on the OSU team - the offensive line.  They will be able to shut down the run game and put max pressure on Fields.  On the other side of the ball, I think the UC offense will be able pick holes in the back end and do just enough to get the job done. 

After the game, I expect a lot of fans, including me, will wonder why in the hell we didn't offer the head coaching job to Fickell.  He's the better head coach and will prove it on Saturday.  

Comment 04 Sep 2019

I'll take UC 24-17. I think UC will be able to do just enough through the air to score some points on our D.  On the other side of the ball I think UC will be able to dominate our young offensive line and bottle up running lanes and put maximum pressure on Fields.  Despite the outwardly low key approach to the game by Fickell, I have to figure he wants this one badly as do the multitude of Ohio kids on UC's roster.  I think they will get it done in the Shoe and make their case that UC is the best college football team in the state.  

Comment 28 Aug 2019

I don't think Patterson at QB is the problem with Michigan--I think the arrogance of Harbaugh is the reason they haven't been able to get over the hump.  You could see it in the OSU game last year.  Maryland had laid out the blueprint on how to beat OSU the week before, but Harbaugh did nothing to change their offensive game plan to exploit our weaknesses on D.  Perhaps with the hire of Gattis as OC things will change, but I won't be convinced until I see Michigan beat Ohio State.  

Comment 26 Aug 2019

"Fans" who dislike Herbie for being an objective sportscaster is something I will never understand.  

Comment 25 Aug 2019

I'd love to see an outsider like Utah crack in to the top 4 this year.  It get's awfully boring seeing Clemson and Alabama every single year. Unfortunately, I think until you mandate 9 conference games and eliminate FCS appointments, you will continue to see schools try and game the system to make it to the promised land at the end of the season.  It's not good for fans or college football.  

As for Ohio State's chances, I think they have a very good chance of making it to the playoff.  Their out of conference schedule is very manageable and they continue to have a more talented roster than any other team they will face in the first 12 games. 

Comment 31 Jul 2019

If you are worried about CTE, I would try to steer your son away from football.  Even football players who only played through high school are prone to developing the disease as a result of repeated contact to the head (take a look at this article: 

Aside from that, I would let your son pursue whatever interests him and make sure not to force him or push him in to something he doesn't want to do (I tried that with my son who was a good soccer player, but didn't want to play--didn't turn out well).  

Best of luck to you.

Comment 26 Jul 2019

I don't like the "OH" "IO" cheer. 

I think OSU has an obnoxious/annoying fan base.

I root for Michigan and the rest of the B1G when they aren't playing OSU.

I hate it when people say TTUN or TSUN or *ichigan.  It's Michigan.

I think OSU made a mistake in hiring Ryan Day, a guy who's only head coaching experience is 3 games as OSU's interim coach.

I'm a big fan of Kirk Herbstreit.

I think Urban Meyer should have been fired before the start of last season.

I like Michigan's winged helmet.

OSU doesn't win the 2014 national title without Tom Herman.

I hate field turf.  Wish OSU would switch back to natural grass.

An OSU team consisting of a minority of Ohio kids just doesn't do it for me.  We should be showcasing the best of Ohio at Ohio State.  There is enough talent in Ohio to put at least 60% of Ohio kids on the team and compete for B1G/National Championships every year.  Look at the rosters of the teams from 2002 and 2014 - majority of Ohio kids on those rosters.  Ohio ranks #5 in terms of putting players in the NFL, the talent is here.

Comment 18 Jul 2019

I would tend to agree that the defense will be much better this year, but I don't know that that will be much of a surprise as the defense sucked ass last year. 

I think the surprise will be on the offensive side of the ball.  While I think Fields will be good this year, I don't think he will perform at the level of Haskins from last year.  I think he will struggle a bit as a first year starter and will be viewed as a bit of a disappointment by fans. I think the offense will rank in the top third of the B1G, but fans will expect it to be the best, which I don't think will be the case.   

Comment 18 Jul 2019

I'm in agreement with you.  We have an '07 4Runner with 220,000 miles on it and have never had a major issue with it (knock on wood).  The quality of the materials on the inside is great too - still looks great and has held up really well over the years.  Best car we've ever owned.