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Top 5 Best Athletes to Play Football for OSU

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January 4, 2018 at 2:00pm

From the Oxford Dictionary

Athlete- NOUN, A person who is proficient in sports and other forms of physical exercise.

Since the CFP has been decided by powers other than real, and with a tip of the Block O cap to Jesse Owens as perhaps the best historical student/athlete from OSU to not play football, let us delve into this off-season with passion and fervour to create a Buckeye-friendly conversation about things which we enjoy and love to debate.

Disclaimer: I searched the site before posting in every way I know. I do not claim proficient or even nominal knowledge of every athlete in every season at Ohio State in my lifetime to make an apt comparison or list; hence, my reason for opening this topic: to gain insight and perspective from other more knowledgeable Buckeyes. Also, I have no way of knowing if Chic Harley was more deserving of a place on this list than Vic Janowicz or Howard Cassady or John Brockington, so I’ll go with the ones I have personally seen perform in their athletic excellence. If you witnessed their prowess, by all means add them to your list and elaborate so we might gain in our appreciation of the historical greatness that is the Scarlet & Gray!

I am looking for pure athletic exceptionality- the kind of person who is just good at everything because of God-given athletic ability – you know that guy who jumps higher, runs faster, is so quick he even plays ping pong well……the first time out! Might Rashod Berry be on your list, or Jerome Baker? Adolphus Washington? Tom Cousineau? Spielman, Pace, or J or N Bosa? Let’s see; here’s my Top 5 - in no order (I think):

Braxton Miller

Ted Ginn

Terrelle Pryor

Cris Gamble

Marshon Lattimore

Paul Warfield

Terry Glenn


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