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Former Player with 2 Title Rings

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December 3, 2017 at 10:14pm

Hoping the 11w crowd can help me figure this out. Maybe you were at the game or you can help me just from your vast Buckeye knowledge.

At the game Saturday night there was who I assume a former player in the back row of section 108, 2 tows in front of me, wearing two title rings, I assume Big Ten rings. This was in the blocks of seats that OSU got for Buckeye club and families. He was probably in his early 40's, African American, and a small build maybe 5'10. I looked and my guess is maybe the 96/98 team? Late 30's could be possible too I guess though.

Anybody there see him and know who he was or have a good guess? Just curious. We were talking about it during the game and it's bugging me now.

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