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Metrics and What ESPN Talking Heads ALWAYS Fail to Mention

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November 17, 2017 at 10:42am

In their playoff show and other college football shows, ESPN is always touting their FPI Metrics such as Strength of Record, Strength of Schedule, or Chances to Win Out. What they Never mention, as though it is an embarrassment to them, is the Ohio State has consistently been ranked number 2 in their FPI Rankings the last several weeks. This high ranking doesn't fit their anti-OSU narrative. But the reason is clear for this high ranking: when Ohio State shows up, they Really show up and dominate opponents. Nobody wants to play the Ohio State team that shows up to play. IF OSU doesn't make the playoffs, they have nobody to blame but themselves, but the point is that ESPN is going out of its way to avoid showing OSU's position in their own FPI ranking. 


BTW, OSU is now 1st in the S&P+ rankings, which is one of the most metric-centric ranking systems: 


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