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So About This Variable Ticket Pricing

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October 30, 2017 at 12:57pm

A few years ago, Ohio State changed the way they price tickets. It used to be every game was the same price no matter what for face value. Which didn't make a ton of sense. Pay $80 or whatever to see Michigan, and pay $80 to see Akron (no offense). So they did away with that and made it variable pricing. So now it would be maybe $60 to see Akron, and $190 to see Michigan. Again, the tickets are outrageous, but I understand the thought. 

What I do not understand, is how they identified the most expensive games this year. OU was $190, and PSU was $140. Both make sense. But tickets to the MSU game are $190!!!! For a team that went 3-9 last year. I would not plan on going to that game regardless; however, I was curious to see the availability of tickets. There are HUNDREDS. There are rows completely empty starting in 12C and wrapping all away around the endzone to 11C. There are also tickets available in several other sections. Heck, it was way harder to find tickets to the UNLV game! 

Again, I'm not here to gripe about ticket prices, because I pay for them. I shelled out the money to watch OU stomp us. It is the beauty of capitalism. If someone is going to pay it, then I understand the charge. My concern is who determined a 3-9 MSU team was worth $190, and PSU was worth $140? November 11 could be the first time in my lifetime where the Shoe doesn't come close to capacity. And this is against a team that was ranked 16th last week. 

If the situation does not change come this time next week, is it possible that OSU would offer a deal? Seems unlikely considering season ticket holders already paid full price for that game. There are also a bunch of tickets available to Illinois. Maybe they offer a two-pack deal like they did in 2015 for NIU and WMU? It seems ridiculous, I know, but I'm telling you, if things don't change, the Shoe isn't going to break 95,000.

Never before have I seen ticket prices drive OSU fans away. 


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