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What Do We Need to Happen to Ensure the Buckeyes Make the Playoffs?

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October 23, 2017 at 4:55pm

This is my first forum post, so please forgive me for any blunders I might commit.

So, what future wins do the Buckeyes need to take place to ensure their place in the 4 team playoff (obviously IF Penn State beats us this weekend, this post is for naught)?

The reason I ask this is because of Georgia and Alabama.  Living down here in SEC country, I am in tune to more than just Ohio State football.  The way I see it, if both Alabama and Georgia make it to the SEC championship game unscathed, and it is a very close game, both Alabama AND Georgia could make it into the 4 team playoff still.  Obviously, 2 teams from 1 conference making it to the playoff would shrink the pool of spots the other conferences would have to qualify for, including the B1G.

Here's my thinking on the SEC championship loser:  If Bama loses, they still might get into the playoff because..........they're Bama.  They came into the season ranked #1 and have held that distinction the whole season.  All of their victories so far this season have been routs; the only real challenge they faced was a stout Florida State  defense that got no help from an inept offense.  They have looked the part all year.  I do not think that 1 close loss, especially in their conference championship game, will keep them out of the playoffs.  Again..........they're Bama.

If Georgia loses, they still might get in the playoff as well.  Beating Notre Dame, albeit by the slimmest of margins, has given the Bulldogs a LOT of credibility, especially if the Irish continue looking as good as they did against USC this past weekend.  They would also have beaten a decent Auburn team (ranked #19 at the time of this writing) in the process giving them more cred.  Going toe to toe with the big, bad Crimson Tide (again...........they're Bama) in the SEC championship game, coupled with a pretty nice resume' would, in my opinion, give the playoff voters some pause about leaving Georgia out of the top 4 spots.

Georgia still has several more games on their docket that they have a risk of losing: Florida (in Jacksonville), at Auburn, and at Georgia Tech.  I don't see really see Alabama being at risk of losing before the championship game unless Auburn shows me something and beats Georgia.  In saying that, 1 of those 3 teams needs to beat either Georgia or Alabama (or both of them for that matter) to make sure 3 more spots are available for selection.

In case the unthinkable happens and 2 teams from the SEC do indeed get in, what do the Buckeyes need to happen within the B1G to ensure they get selected for the playoffs (assuming we beat Penn State)?  Here are my opinions:

  • Since Michigan already loss to Sparty and Penn State, they need to keep on losing.  No need to spoil anybody else's party while not bringing anything to the table themselves.  Beating Michigan right now will get you no cred - just don't lose to them.
  • Michigan State needs to lose to both Penn State and Ohio State but keep both losses respectable; hopefully this keeps them ranked or at least in the "others receiving votes" category.
  • Penn State needs to win out, beating Michigan State in a hard fought battle.
  • Wisconsin needs to win out, beating every team they face by 100 points or more until we meet them Indianapolis.  Beating Wiskey 59-0 wouldn't hurt either.

These are my humble opinions of the future landscapes of both the SEC and the B1G.  What are your?  Before any of these opinions matter though:




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