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The 1942 Season Through The Words Of The Past, 10/9/1942

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October 9, 2017 at 6:30am

2017 is the 75th anniversary of Ohio State's first national championship season. To honor the achievement, this series will post articles from the Columbus Citizen Journal on the day they ran in 1942.

With the big battle with USC a day away, the CJ only had one article previewing the game. Don Hawk's piece takes another look at the Trojans and the expected attendance for the game. 

Passing and Speed
USC 33

The Southern California Trojans, 33 strong, will arrive at the Union Station tonight at 8:30, determined to gain revenge for the 33-0 trouncing suffered at the hands of the Buckeyes last year.

Sixty thousand fans are expected to be on hand when the two teams face each other in Ohio Stadium tomorrow afternoon and there is every prospect that those fans will get their money's worth and a little more, especially if the teams meet on a dry field.

The main Southern California weapons will be speed and a clever passing attack. The Trojans have plenty of strength in both of these departments. A wet gridiron would slow the visitors' offense down to a walk but the Bucks had better beware if the turf is dry.

I guess the Big Ten was also perceived as slow back in 1942. Brown and his boys better get out and do a rain dance or the the mighty Trojans might just run away with this one. 

Double Workout

The Trojans had a double workout in Evanston yesterday and a light warming-up session this morning stressing the development of the aerial offense in all drills. Then, too, the starting lineup will include three expert passers in the backfield.

Mickey McCordle, one of the most highly rated sophomores in the country is slated to handle the left halfback job. Mickey is a shifty runner, an outstanding passer, and is rated as sure material for All-American consideration during the next two years if football continues.

"...if football continues." 1942 was definitely a different time to be alive. Players across the country were giving up their college playing days to help the US in WWII. 

Double Workout (cont.)

Paul Taylor is the right halfback for Cravath and is the spearhead of the Southern California attack. He plays in the wingback position on the single-wingback offensive formation and is the man in motion on many of the Trojan plays. The other backs feed him the ball and Paul is free to pass, which he does very well with his left hand while on the dead run, or to run with the ball.

The third passer is Bob Musick, third of four brothers who have made football history at Southern Cal and will do so for the next couple of years. The oldest brother, Jim, was all-coast fullback in 1929-31: Bill graduated last year, and the youngest, Jackie, is enrolled as a freshman this season. Bob is a capable line plunger and passer.

Behind these backs stand Hal Finney and Jim Hardy a pair of left halfbacks who can pass almost as well as McCardle. Butg that's not all. Howard Callanan at right halfback, Earle Parsona at the same post, and Jack Trout and Darrell Kroll, sub fullbacks, are all speedsters who have been timed at less than 10 seconds for the 100-yard dash. Trout is the same Trout who finished third in the National Intercollegiate track meet last spring.

The information above is very similar to what the CJ has posted throughout the week. Not sure why they recycled the pieces, but they did.

Strongest Yet

Meanwhile, Coach Paul Brown worked the Buckeyes overtime and seemed almost optimistic as his team finished yesterday's long drill with plenty of life and spirit. The Buckeye mentor gave his first three teams another good look at Southern California's offensive formations and tuned up his own attack both on land and in the air for heavy duty against Southern California.

Brown will follow his usual procedure for the weekend with a short warmup tonight after which the Bucks retire to the Columbus Country Club to stay until game time tomorrow.

All of the members of the squad were in uniform last night and all except Don Steinberg worked at top speed.

Scat Backs
Scat backs on the University of Southern California football team who are expected to lead Ohio State's Buckeyes a real chase tomorrow when the two teams meet in Ohio State Stadium are Jack Trout and Howard Callanan. Trout wasn't able to play in the first two games because of scholastic difficulties but is primed for the Scarlet while Callanan, a sub right halfback averaged 13 yards per try against Tulane.

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