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The 1942 Season Through The Words Of The Past, 10/5/1942

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October 5, 2017 at 6:20am

2017 is the 75th anniversary of Ohio State's first national championship season. To honor the achievement, this series will post articles from the Columbus Citizen Journal on the day they ran in 1942.

Following the hard fought victory over Indiana, Ohio State had to get ready for the Trojans of Southern California. Paul Brown sent Tippy Dye to scout USC, but Dye had difficulties getting back to Old Columbus town with the report. 

Day Behind

Having proved that they are a great team in spirit and fight as well in playing ablility with the clear-cut 32-21 victory over Indiana, Ohio State Bucks settled down to a week of practice for the Trojans form the University of Southern California, but were a step late before ever taking the field.

"Tippy Dye scouted the Trojans in their game with the University of Washington in Seattle Saturday," explained Coach Paul Brown last night, "and was grounded in Seattle. His plane reservation was taken away and although he has started home we don't know when he will arrive."

"Tippy has all the charts and information on Southern Cal," Brown continued, "so we can't start to plan a defense for the game until he returns."

Not sure what airline Tippy was using, but it's comforting to read that the industry has made vast improvements in customer service. Gone are the days that passengers spend countless hours waiting for their flight. The only thing worse would be if the attendants physically forced you off of your flight.

Trojans Started Here

Meanwhile, the Trojans were steaming eastward directly from Seattle for the game with the Buckeyes Saturday. Without bothering to return to Los Angeles, the Trojans headed for Columbus with stops for workouts arranged along the route.

The team will workout once at North Dakota and is expected at Evanston, Ill. Tuesday. It will practice in Dyche Stadium, home of the Northwestern Wildcats, through Thursday, coming to Columbus in time for a workout in Ohio Stadium Friday afternoon.

Another glaring example of how times have changed. The USC players probably left Los Angeles the Thursday before the Washington game (they tied 0-0) and will then have to travel back to L.A. to take on Washington State.

A little foreshadowing, train travel will have an impact on Ohio State's season in about three weeks.

Shaw to Play

Bob Shaw was the only player known to have been injured but it was not thought that he would be out of the game this week. He had a charleyhorse aftter the play on which the referee called interference as Shaw attempted to catch a pass from Paul Sarringhaus in the end zone during the second quarter of the game with the Hoosiers.

Many of the players took a severe beating in the game. Both regular tackles, Bill Willis and Charles Csuri, showed wear badly while Fullback Gene Fekete played over three quarters before (Richard) Palmer replaced him.

When I read the line "took a severe beating in the game" it took me back to high school and listening to this Adam Sandler album. The stupid things I find funny.

Hawk went on to write about Fekete's play against Indiana. 

Fekete carried the ball on two successive line plunges, gained yardage on both plays, and was so tired when he returned to the huddle after the second try at the line that he fell backward out of the huddle and had to be replaced.

After a few minutes on the bench, Fekete returned to action once more with as much power and drive as he had shown during earlier parts of the game. He gained a total of 132 yards from rushing...while scoring 2 points.

"That boy Fekete," Coach Brown said, "takes a back seat to no other back on that football field." Other Buckeye backs who received the praise of their coach were Tommy James and Les Horvath while Shaw, Willis and Csuri were mentioned among the lineman.

Without the scouting report from Tippy Dye, what should Ohio State expect from the California boys?

USC Passers Lead Offense

About the only thing that the Ohio State coaches know about Southern California so far is that a pair of capable passers will probably lead the offense for Coach Newell J. (Jeff) Cravath of the Trojans.

Bob Musick is a right hand passer and plays in the quarterback of blocking-back spot while Paul Taylor pitches with his left wing from the right halfback position. Both are lettermen from last season and participated in the 33-0 rout at the hands of Brown's first Buckeye team.

Since my breathing days on this earth, I have never witnessed Ohio State defeat USC. Going into this game with the Trojans, the Buckeyes trailed the series 1-2, but were coming off of the 33-0 win in 1941. As of this writing, Southern Cal has a seven-game winning streak against the Buckeyes and leads the series 13-9-1.

A Hoosier Leftover?

Bob White, injured fullback and captain of the Hoosier team, was the only thing left of the Indiana game except a flock of happy memories. Bob was still in University Hospital last night. Recovering from an arm infection. He became sick on the train to Columbus and was taken to the hospital when the squad arrived in town Friday evening. It is expected that he will be discharged within the next couple of days.

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