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The 1942 Season Through The Words Of The Past, 10/6/1942

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October 6, 2017 at 6:30am

2017 is the 75th anniversary of Ohio State's first national championship season. To honor the achievement, this series will post articles from the Columbus Citizen Journal on the day they ran in 1942.

Paul Brown and his team were still waiting on the return of Tippy Dye and his USC scouting report. Without the crucial information it was difficult for the Buckeyes to game plan for the Trojans. Don Hawk chronicled his observations of the Monday practice.

Weight Advantage

Although Tippy Dye's scouting report had not yet arrived from Seattle, Wash., where "Tippy" was grounded after scouting the game between Southern California and the Washington Huskies Saturday, Coach Paul Brown is deep in plans for the game with the Trojans Saturday.

The major part of last night's practice time was devoted at looking at motion pictures of the game with Indiana last week. Coach Brown pointed out Buckeye mistakes and, in addition, gave the team an extra day to recover from the bumps and bruises which are left from the Indiana game.

The only additional injury reported at the first practice of the new week was a shoulder injury suffered by Don Steinberg. Steinberg was in uniform, however, and it seemed that his injury was not serious.

Brown had to be on pins and needles waiting on Dye's scouting report. Without it, Ohio State had nothing to prepare for Saturday's game against USC. Now, the best case scenario for the Buckeyes would be to have Tuesday-Friday to get ready. Fridays were typically easy days, so the team was looking at Tuesday-Thursday.

Changes Planned

Buckeye coaches breathed a sigh of relief when Bob Shaw reported that his charleyhorse did not seem severe. The probability is that he will be back at his old right-end post for the starting whistle Saturday. Another end, Dante Lavelli, was held completely out of the Fort Knox game and saw only limited service last week because of a similar injury.

The dreaded Charleyhorse continues to plague the 1942 team. It appears that Brown needs to do a better job of keeping that guy Charley and his horses away from his team. Not sure if the term charleyhorse was used for muscle spasms or a hamstring injury. 

Coach Brown contemplated a couple of changes in personnel for the game with Southern Cal. In the first place, John White, huge end from River Rouge, Mich., may be shifted back to his old position at right end in order that his injured shoulder will not hamper his play so seriously as it does on the left side.

If John is ready to play this week, the Buckeye squad will have four top-rate ends available for the first time this season in Bob Shaw and White on the right side opposite left flankers Don Steinberg and Dante Lavelli who, incidentally, impressed Brown favorably by his play against Indiana, first game of the year for him.

From Hawk's report, it appears that Ohio State has some talented receivers at the tight end and Brown wants to get them involved with the offense. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

In addition to the switch for White, Brown indicated he may use third-string halfback Bill Durtschi for more of the kicking duties and that Jack Dugger may get the call for kicking extra points.

"It's just too much to ask Gene Fekete to carry the ball as much as he does and then expect him to convert a high percentage of the extra points," commented Brown with regard to the weakness in place kicking. "We are thinking of making Dugger a specialist in converting those important points and using him for that task."

Meanwhile, Brown is looking forward to a game this week that will be just as tough as the contest with Indiana or perhaps even tougher.

Dugger to the rescue? Hopefully this is the last we read about missed extra points.  

Trojans Pass

"What we fear most is their passing attack." Brown stated flatly before practice Monday. "They have a pair of very good passers in right halfback Paul Taylor, a left-handed thrower, and quarterback Bob Surick, while left halfback Mickey McCardle is listed as even better. In addition, they have a couple of veteran ends at which to aim."

Ralph Heywood is a 184-pound skyhook on the left flank and drops back to punt in addition to his other offensive duties. His 60-yard boot against the Huskies Saturday may have preserved the 0-0 tie for his team. On the other side of the line, Doug Easick is even heavier at 196 pounds and another good pass-receiver.

The rest of the line is equally good and will outweigh the Buckeye forwards by a goodly margin. The Trojans' most serious contender for All-American honors is Norm Verry, a six-foot, five-inch, 260-pound giant who fits his tremendous bulk into the right tackle slot. He is exceptionally fast and mobile despite his huge bulk.

Not only does USC have capable receivers, but the Trojans had Verry. The 6'5" tackle must have struck fear in the majority of teams that faced him. Not only was he tall, but his 260 pounds of weight was more 60 to 80 pounds more than most of Ohio State's linemen. Verry was very scary.

Tom Pappas, ineligible for competition last year, is the 195 pound anchor of the line and snaps the ball. Two hundred thirty-five pound Earl Audet fills in at one of the tackle spots while Coach Jeff Cravath can pick from a half dozen seasoned performers who tip the beam at over 200 pounds for the other tackle spot vacated by Capt. Don Miller who is in the armed forces.

In addition to McCardle, Musick and Taylor, Bob Trout will be included in the first-string backfield, Bob is a big fellow and finished second to Hal Davis, "The world's fastest human," in all the West Coast track meets last spring.

Not only are the boys for California big, but they're also fast. It appears the Buckeyes could be in for a long afternoon.

Add the fact that Jeff Cravath set nation scoring records at San Francisco two years ago, the fact that he uses a single-wingback formation with the ends wide---a formation that adapts itself easily to a great deal of forward passing, the habit of the fullback in going out as a flanker to one side or the other, and the certainty that the Trojans would like nothing better than revenge for last year's overwhelming 33-0 defeat at the hands of the Bucks and it is easy to see that Ohio State is in for another busy afternoon.

This edition of the sports page didn't have any advertisements. However, it did have coverage of the St. Louis Cardinals winning the World Series over the New York Yankees.

World Series Champs
Cardinals Win The Series
Whitie Kurowski homering hero of the final game of the 1942 World Series yesterday, took a real joy ride at the close of yesterday's game. One of the players carrying Kurowski is Cappy Walker, who was carried off Red Bird Stadium field himself at the close of the 1041 Junior World Series. Other former Birds in the picture include Manager Billy The Kid Southworth, shaking hands with Whitie, Morton Cooper, lower left with cap on one side, Coaker Triplett and Enos Slaughter, upper left.
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