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Covered By a Fox: Broadcast Re-cap

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September 18, 2017 at 4:45pm

Folks, if you missed the game on Saturday, it's probably because you turned to the Disney family of networks to see it. It was actually on Fox, which not part of that family. You should get ready for more of these scenarios, including for The Game, coming to a November TV broadcast near you.

If you were sly enough to tune in appropriately, what are your thoughts on the coverage? Was Brady Quinn not the best? Maybe. Was AJ Hawk joking about banging Quinn's sister at least four times the best? Maybe.

I happened to love some of the transitions and in-game promotional materials they pieced together. For instance, all these were great:

Urban leading a rallying at the beginning of the game:

Highlights, with an especially dark feel:

There were also some good sideline shots or low shots inclusive of the sideline that gave some irregular views, like this one preceding conversation on the six years between offensive possessions:

Or this, which is what it would look like if you were on the bench, pumping up the crowd:

And this, which was basically a slow roll over the sidelilne:

They included longer overhead shots of campus than normal:

Plus, we got Pereira:

Not to forget, we got this, which looks terrifying:

Heck, maybe it was all the same but just felt new. However, it seemed like Fox put in some new attention to detail. If you had any concerns of Fox's taking the better half of the B1G broadcast rights (including The Game), how did Saturday's game impact your concerns?

And just to get it out of the way: Yes, Feed_the_ZekeXXX, we agree that this was very American coverage, finally.

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