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Comment 17 Oct 2019

uh...other than tripping on a patch, it should be safer. Especially, you can't have the same level of impact if people can't move as fast. So risk of concussion should go down some amount, yeah?

Comment 09 Oct 2019

Not bad. In the bottom half of the group. I'd do things like making sure my children are fed before adding it to the rotation. It's more generic of the national scene than The Audible or PAPN and there is a lot of overlap on national commentary when you only have an hour to talk about 130 teams. The main differentiator is their association with 24/7, bringing in memories of evaluation players as recruits. ...they also don't have Stewart Mandel, which is nice.

Comment 08 Oct 2019

I would love to hear him talk about UF's approach to the 06 game

He covered that in one of the first episodes. However, it wasn't scheme so much as "there was no chance OSU tackles could stop UF defensive ends. UF DL was just too fast and that's really all it took."

Comment 08 Oct 2019

My guess is that the "adjustment" doesn't really matter. It was just the willingness to stop, think of an adjustment and explain to the team what was happening.

...but the fact the interception game almost immediately after that, and then Nebraska didn't return to it, there was nothing to adjust to. Seems like the formation is more of a situational gimmick than a foundational scheme.

Comment 08 Oct 2019
Wetzel Forde Thamel is by far the worst of them.
Comment 08 Oct 2019

You guys got the good ones.

Just waiting for Bill Connelly to get a new one. 

Comment 08 Oct 2019
Q for Thurs/Fri: With the new red shirt rule and relaxed transfer environment, any sense that part of the recruiting pitch now includes de-emphasis on the competition on the roster ("we are the best at developing your skill set, your best option right now, you can reassess later if necessary, no reason to short yourself prematurely")?
Comment 06 Oct 2019
On Android too. But best I can figure, it's because I'm sliding out the menu before the ads have a chance to load, so they load on top of the opened menu. Sliding out the menu too quickly had been an issue at various points in time the last year or so