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What does the team/staff need to do to win your confidence back?

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September 13, 2017 at 12:04pm

I feel like most of us, at least me, are reaching that bit of a sweet spot where we are erasing the memory of the previous game, and starting to move onto the next one.  Luckily the next few weeks offer very beatable opponents, and an opportunity for the staff and players to get it moving back in the right direction.

If you recall, in 2014 after the Virginia Tech fiasco, the team played Kent State at home and obviously did what they do vs. Kent State, they won 66-0 and JT threw 6 TD passes.

So moving on, what do you need to see from the team the next three weeks to feel like the rest of the season may not be a fiasco, and that they can (because they really still do control their destiny) still compete for a playoff spot?

Army, then UNLV, then Rutgers, all three teams that we should thump thoroughly.

For me, I think not making any mistakes in these next three games would go a long way in showing that they're moving in the right direction.  Also re-dedication to the power run game with Weber and Dobbins taking the bulk of the snaps, and JT only running when he absolutely has too.

The dumb penalties like the PI's the DB's were getting for not turning to the ball, that has to stop, there's no need for that against the three teams we're playing, mistakes like that need to be cleaned up.

JT needs to just go into game manager mode, when he throws the ball play within himself.  Yeah, we all know we want to see the ball go downfield, but I think we all just need to accept it's not happening, and when it does, one of the wideouts has a pretty good chance at dropping it anyway.

This team doesn't need to be an offense that takes the top off the defense.  Our OL is good enough at run blocking that we can base the offense off of ball control and power running, and win the rest of our games.


Aside from that, I really want to see that the players put last week behind them, that they're not playing uptight, they're playing to win, but also enjoying what they're doing.  There was a thread about this earlier in the week, and it really had an impact on me and how I think the team needs to approach the rest of the season.


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