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I think people are underestimating Ohio State playing IU as the opener.

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September 5, 2017 at 5:54pm

I keep reading and hearing online about how Ohio State struggled (which they did) and that they weren't impressive (Which for 57% of the game, they were not). However, I believe people underestimate the value of having a little road test compared to a blowout win against *INSERT BAD TEAM HERE*.

What's that? IU isn't good? Let me remind you that IU played well against Ohio State last year (and this year), Michigan and Penn State. You know, those teams everyone says are REALLY good. Also if I am not mistaken, IU played very well against a good Utah team when they had lost their HC. Now, I'm not saying people should respect IU and respect how Ohio State played against IU for the whole game, but I think people do not understand that IU is gonna be a good team this year and in my opinion was the best warm up for OU.

Just some thoughts. Oh.. and this might have been IU's best team since Urban has been there.. and we won by 28..

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