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OSU v Maryland Tickets

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August 22, 2017 at 4:28pm

Hoping to get some input from the Buckeye faithful on tickets for the Maryland game.  The wife and I attended home games in the 'Shoe from 2004-08 while I was in school, so it's been a while.  We sat in C deck for 3 years, and B deck on east side in the first 3-4 rows one year.  I remember some of our views being obstructed by pillars in B deck.

Anywho, trying to take my family of 5 to their first football game in Ohio.  The first game I took the kids to was last year's Fiesta Bowl (sad face...) and am hoping for a better outcome this time, hence Maryland :) !

We are flying in from Idaho, so with a family of 5 I'm not really interested in trying to get scalped tickets (none available, can't find 5 together, etc. are just too risky).  Looking at the usual suspects, it seems the best seats are probably in B deck, and specifically in sections 3, 5, or 7.  We sat in a similar location in terms of angle for the Fiesta Bowl and they were fine.  I can't afford A deck tickets for 5, and even the C deck tickets available for that many seem to be in the corners or row 1,000,000.  Since I also don't know what time the game is at yet (I don't think it's been announced?) I don't want to be baking in C deck on the west side for an earlier game or on the east side for a later game.

Is there a B section preference of those listed above?  If so, how many rows up is too far?  I think the ones I've seen are on Row 8.  Also, if I can choose, which seat numbers are less likely to be obstructed by concrete pillars?

Thanks in advance.

TL;DR:  Please give me your best seat recommendations for B deck in sections 3, 5, or 7, both in terms of row number and seat numbers.  Thanks.

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