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Best Place to find Tickets for Army??

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August 19, 2017 at 9:34pm

Hey guys,

I have decided to take my boys to see a game for their first time.  It is an early Xmas present.  My dad will also be joining us (this will both be our second game in the Shoe, the '02 edition of The Game being our first) and then we are headed to Cleveland for an Indians game vs. the Royals.  It will be his first time seeing the Indians play in Cleveland since 1965 when he was 18 (he grew up in Rocky River) and for the rest of us it be a first.

We live in Texas and I'm half tempted to wait till game day and get them off the street  but god forbid I can't get them at all or not in my budget.  Worst Xmas present ever.  Do ya'll have any suggestions (good brokers, Craigslist, etc...)?  I've checked Ticketmaster and Stubhub and a few other places and they all have the same tickets available (funny how that work huh?).  I'm not too picky were we sit as long as it isn't obstructed view or past say row 7 in B deck.

Anyways, any suggestion you guys have as well as things we should absolutely check out while there, like the Skull Session in St. Johns, I'd appreciate any advice.


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