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Comment 22 Oct 2020

Real Maple Syrup is the best.  Can be expensive.

The store bought HFCS stuff is terrible.

1 cup water, 1 cup sugar, 1cup brown sugar, and a couple teaspoons Maple flavoring.  It ain't the real thing but is a billion times better than the store bought crap. 

Comment 15 Oct 2020

Ramzy's 90's PTSD is showing.  Though to be fair, I am also afflicted with that disease though perhaps not as bad.

Very rarely have I not been extremely nervous before a TTUN game.  Though I'm not sure they have the horses this year to pull it off.

Then again I watched 2013, and that should never have been close either.

Comment 09 Oct 2020

The articles are generally good.  The comments are often delusional.  The site design is.........not great.

But the one on Receivers contained this nugget from an Athletic article which is amazing.

"Just for a fun exercise, if you remove [2017 three-star Ellijah] Gardiner from the equation — no offense, he’s just the lowest-rated player — the average score for this group would be 0.9616. In other words, the average receiver on the OSU roster would be ranked No. 86 in the current recruiting class. And we’re talking about 10 players. The number is only that low because Olave, one of the top receiver prospects in this draft cycle, wasn’t evaluated properly coming out of high school."

This is amazing.

Comment 22 Sep 2020

I live in the Houston area and it was insane.  Biggest rain event ever recorded.  We were not flooded and amazingly did not lose power but we had people staying with us who were flooded.

A trillion gallons of water.  Unfathamoble. And the part I didn't know, which is just as crazy is the weight of the water pushed the city down 2 centimeters.  Almost an inch.

Comment 17 Sep 2020

He should really ask Cris Carter.  Wasn't it him that told Arnette to stay in school?

Comment 16 Sep 2020

It totally is.  BUT, try this on.

We go 8-1 with a close loss to PSU because Fields is out due to Covid.  Remember we get that 9th game regardless even if its not a CCG

PSU goes 8-1 with a loss to either 8-1 or 7-2 Wisconsin in the CCG.

Who goes?  8-1 Wisconsin probably gets the nod as the champ, but what if they're one loss is to us?

Comment 09 Sep 2020

But tell us exactly what you were told. Give us the details so we can see your reasoning and your plan moving forward.

I agree except this.  THey don't really owe the fans the explanation.  BUT, this info should have been an open dialogue between Warren, Presidents, AD's, coaches and players.

Then, there should be a coherent plan going forward.  This should have been in place BEFORE they cancelled the season.   

Comment 25 Aug 2020

Baseball is my first love but I almost live for CFB Saturdays.  This year is going to kill me.

BUT, I have no plans to watch a second of any CFB played this fall.  I'll have an excuse to get away with my oldest a Freshman and he's playing some high level showcase baseball this fall before his freshman year high school team and my youngest also plays.  I'll have about 14 tournaments to go to through Nov. 21 so I'm sure that will take up most of my weekends and I'll do that instead.  

Comment 19 Aug 2020
Nope. Don't think that's gonna happen. UNC just suspended their athletics. ND just went all online and maybe that keeps their athletes isolated but still..... Gotta figure this puts a link in the ACC plans. Think they fall, and probably the Big 12 if any outbreak at OU grows or other teams get it. SEC falls last but they capitulate once they are the only conference playing. How I want to be wrong but I doubt it.
Comment 18 Aug 2020

Correct.  I just don't see it.  There will be outbreaks because people won't do what they are supposed to.  Unless you are just expecting the SEC to just plow through regardless.

Comment 18 Aug 2020

I read that and I don't believe there is any way Warren cancelled the season so Trump would lose.  Because straight to the point, that is what is being claimed.

I don't think he's done a good job at all so far, even in admittedly tough times.  But no.  Just no.

The B1G is beholden to one thing - $$$$$$.  This decision kills that.  I can guarantee he did not want to do this.  Therefore I truly believe it is what he believes is the best course of action.

What he does owe (and not to fans) to the athletes and coaches and school officials is all the transparency he could offer and did not do that.  The B1G should have been planning issues like eligibility, scholarships, spring schedules to be ready when the decision was made to cancel fall.  Sure things change and adaptability is the word of the year, but it's been radio silence from the B1G offices and NCAA.  It shouldn't be up to Ryan Day or any other coach to come up with plans for spring schedules or have to continue begging for word on player issues that this delay causes.

Comment 18 Aug 2020

If so he may get his wish.  9 positive's for OU.  UNC with an outbreak.  That series of tweets from the Auburn player saying his classes were full and no masks and he was driving through town at night and bars were packed.  That's all 3 currently playing conferences right there.

I'd expect it to get shut down.  Not because it can't be done safely but because college kids will be college kids.  Even if the players are safe I'm not sure you can bubble them (non-employees and all) and they may come into contact with kids who aren't being safe and it blows the whole thing up.

I tweeted earlier to fire Warren and it isn't even necessarily the decision itself.  It's how it was done.  The Presidents and AD's don't even know if there was a formal vote.  He should have a responsibility to share with the school officials and even the players themselves why the decision was being made and because it was being made here are the steps going forward (spring season, eligibility issues, scholarship limit issues, etc.....)

He has just given B1G schools a reason to completely leave the B1G, the same as the NCAA has given all schools a reason to leave.   A complete abdication of leadership throughout this whole thing.  Up until now I'd say the B1G was much better than the tire fire that is the NCAA but I don't think that is the case anymore.

Time to break out with most P5 teams and create 4 16 team conferences outside the NCAA altogether.  Also give the player the power they deserve.  I do't believe it can be a union as they aren't employees but some type of collective that can bargain image rights, etc......

They can make the money of their image.    

Comment 08 Aug 2020

I was pretty sure he had at least once so I looked it up.  

Last time he did was in 2014.  (Caveat: He only appeared to have one pick in 2015 the week of The Game and that was OU vs OSU).

Then it wasn't till 2010 he did it again.

He didn't seem to have any picks for The Game prior to 2010.  

SO, that means in 9 picks he only picked OSU twice and was 1-6 picking TTUN and 2-0 with OSU.

7 times picking TTUN and I'd say 4 of those are definitely defensible picks going into the game.  2011, 2012, 2016 and 2018.  Though in hindsight not so much for 2018.  But not crazy going in.  Total homer picks would be 2013 (though that almost worked out) and the worst being 2019.  2015 was probably a homer pick but we hadn't played to our potential, excitement for Harbaugh, etc...so I'll give it to him as not crazy.

In conclusion, he is obviously a homer but in regards to his picks for The Game he isn't totally off his rocker.  9 times total and 3 times picking winners and 3 times losing but the picks were legit.  Only 2 being crazy.