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Comment 08 Nov 2019
This is all contingent on his family's wealth because if he comes from a Boss like family this doesn't work. But, if he took money from an agent last year I hope he holds a press conference apologizing for letting his team down, that he knew it was against the rules, but that his family needed the money for bills, rent,car repairs for work, etc. and he knew no other way to help his family out. I hope he shames the entire motherfucking NCAA for their "we are amateur sports". I get he's still out and you have to play by the rules at the time but I hope he burns the fucker to the ground. Nothing happened to Auburn over Newton, the College Basketball scandal has guys on tape and in court saying Clemson is paying players and even high and mighty Michigan was caught up in it. Or Bama and their guy who ran the menswear store clothing also the players and paying for appearances. Not one damn thing done about it. I'm not pissed he has to sit out for breaking rules. I get it. I'm pissed because it doesn't seem to affect other schools and we get hammered. Remember when Johnny Football, got caught taking pay for autographs. Most pundits were on his side. They acknowledged it may have been against the rules but we're sympathetic to him. A night and day difference with how tatgate was reported on. Again, do the crime do the time and it really sucks he's gone but shit......
Comment 30 Aug 2019
Dude, this was for fun. No my co-worker really did read that and showed me and it may have played what we consider a larger than it should influence if true, but I posted this to have a little fun with it. Unclench.
Comment 13 Jun 2019

Yeah, the current staff is mostly shielded from a ZS meltdown but not completely.

And even if they were all shielded its not the kind of thing I'd want floating out there.  That comes with it's own set of problems.  Of course, the blueprint on how to deal with it has been established.  Just don't cooperate with the NCAA and there's not much they can do.

Comment 13 Jun 2019

This is gonna end up biting us in the ass at some point.

Can't bring myself to listen, because I think the guy is an assclown, but he seems to be dropping all kinds of interesting nuggets that are likely true to mostly true regarding the program/recruiting etc...This story is pretty funny actually.  He probably isn't as forthcoming on his family situation or it's a much more biased take.

But if you think we are squeaky clean I have some beachfront property to sell you in Arizona.   I could definitely see a situation occurring because he opened his damn mouth.  I don't think the school is directly or even indirectly is really paying players (the infamous bagmen) but there is no way those guys aren't on the outside with the hundred dollar handshakes and such.  I'm 100% positive this occurs at every school.  And I bet a coach or two at each program knows about it so there goes the plausible deniability and how long before the shit hits the fan. 

Anyways, if DJ goes on with him I'll probably catch that episode.  DJ can be a bit sanctimonious and we don't agree politically but I do believe he lives what he believes to the best of his ability and I do think the guy is pretty intelligent.  I would expect him to come on with all the stuff he knows and wipe the floor with Zach.

Comment 10 Jan 2019
He looks pretty bad after all of his "I'll be the starter" and "don't swing and miss twice" tweets. I was rooting for him and I would expect him to transfer if he didn't win the job. But you can't tell me Day told him he wouldn't be the starter. They haven't had any sort of competition yet. Interesting move.
Comment 30 Nov 2018
Seems to me gap discipline wasn't the issue when they were moving the ball/scoring. That seemed to occur when they were throwing the ball to the receiver's. I think our weak coverage skills were the issue there.
Comment 30 Nov 2018
In fairness to Schiano, Fuller was sitting there waiting on the interception and let Black, I think it was, just come right in front of him. He goes to the ball and that's a pick and headed the other way. As for Schiano screaming at Arnette.....I doubt he was the only one. He's had enough coverage issues that it's somehow worse than Sheffield consistently getting beat one on one.
Comment 13 Nov 2018
Owl, I thought you were fairly level headed during most of the summer fallout. I took some hits to my internet points during this time as well. I still don't think that Urban handled Smith well and the suspension was deserved. You are dead on here regarding the lack of any journalistic ethics. I read the peace and immediately saw this as a hit piece. McMurphy just went scorched Earth on everyone in this story to try and get Urban fired because he failed the first time. The details of his mother's past indiscretions are, in my mind, completely irrelevant to the alleged point of the story. Unless of course your goal is to attempt to slander her to force your implied accusation of faking cancer to gain some credibility. I hear she has been fired now too. I can't defend her if it turns out she liked on her application, but the story never needed to be out. And, as you mention, she got her license back. This was a hit piece plain and simple. An absolutely grotesque article with real world consequences just so he can try and fulfill some Woodward and Bernstein fantasy.
Comment 04 Nov 2018
"Like I said, on videotape, I wasn't expecting to see what I saw. And very good players, very good scheme" Well shit. Maybe for once you guys could expect what's coming. It can't be that much of a surprise. Even if they are doing things different than they showed in previous games they probably adjusted to what works against us. And you have plenty of tape to go on from those games to learn how to stop it. Great scheme? C'mon man. He is aware we are allowed to scheme as well right? I mean it seems our second half adjustments are always better than the other team. It makes me think we have the better coaches at X's and O's. However I can't square that with the continued poor starts in the first half. We always seem surprised on both sides of the ball. Do we just go into games practicing our normal plays with the attitude that we will see what they do and then figure out a response?? It sure seems that way. I'd love for us to come out guns blazing and force the other coach to say stupid shit like we were surprised. I wouldn't take any other coach but hearing this over and over again is infuriating, says the guy who sits on his couch and has no real stake in the game. Rant over and Go Bucks next week.
Comment 29 Oct 2018

I'm highly concerned that is exactly what we'll do.  It will be effective.  We will think we have it fixed or headed in the right direction.

But it will be fools gold since Nebraska is so bad, like our rushing numbers against Oregon State.

Boy does this team have me all over the place in the feels department.

Comment 29 Oct 2018

Here come the downvotes.

No, we will not.  I base that on the entirety of watching this season.

I leave open the door to change my mind if I see  a turnaround from this loss and bye week like the pasting we gave MSU last year plus the whole anything can happen in a rivalry game.

But now, if I had to choose or put money on it.  We don't win.

Now I'm off to say a whole bunch of Hail Mary's, and wash my mouth out with soap.  I feel physically sick.