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Braxton Miler,,, what could have been

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July 4, 2017 at 1:31pm

I was watching some older highlights of Braxton recently was thinking about what could have been had he been healthy and played QB in 2014.

What I did was simply duplicate his JR stats as a SR which is quite conservative considering he had improved considerably between his SO and Jr years as a passer.

Had that happened he would have finished his career with the following career stats

Passing yards - 7386 - which would just miss the most all time at OSU being only 161 yards behind Art and given that it would have meant JT did not have his 2834 yard So year and instead would have had something close to only 200-300 he would have at least 2500 fewer career yards (he would only have about 3800 yards so far in that case and needing about 3500 to catch Braxton and Art)

Passing TDs - 76 - Shattering Hoying's 57 and using the same logic as above, JT would have about 30 fewer TDs or about 40 total right now and needing 36 to catch Braxton

Rushing yards - 4122 - which would make him 2nd all time just ahead of Zeke and behind only Archie. JT currently has 2465 but adjusted would be closer to only 1700-1800

Rushing TDs - 44 - good enough to be tied for 3rd all time

So think about what could have been. With only slight improvement he may have been the all time leader in passing yards, Passing TDs, 2nd in rushing yards and 3rd in rushing TDs


Not complaining about the results we got with JT at the helm that year, but just shows what an amazing talent Braxton was.

Even moving to WR he still finished 5th in career rushing yards, in the top 10 in Rush Tds, 9th in passing yards and 5th in passing TDs

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