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My DARK Horse Pick for "Who coaches OHIO STATE after Urban."

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April 22, 2017 at 1:03pm

We've had media speculation and forum speculation about how long Urban remains in the coaching profession. I believe Ohio State will be his last coaching job. How long he wants to coach remains to be seen, as he is intense. We know what happened in Florida. I personally hope we have another 10-15 years with Urban.  

IF not...people ask: WHO is on Urban's "insane" level of competition, recruiting, and communication?  After thinking about the usual suspects (Fickell & Herman) and surveying the CFB landscape (Dan Mullen? or ?????). I came back to THIS GUY:

To me, Kerry Coombs' personality is closest to Urban Meyer's (from what I can see as an outsider looking in).   Recruiting. Passion. Charisma. Competitive excellence. Deep Ohio roots. Understand the University's role in leading/representing the whole state.

Parents love him. He is intense, more than Urban in some ways. He's an Ohio guy, fully.  He is an excellent coach of his position but seems to work very well with the other coaches.  He is not afraid of the high expectations and holds himself and his players to clear, high standards. And he loves his guys like they're his kids. They go to battle for him. 

Would he want all of the "management" aspects that come with being a head coach at OSU?  We know he's good with parents. I assume he connects well with high-school coaches. Would he be able to take a step back and manage more and coach less? I think so. I think he'd find the right coaches for his staff & set expectations for them. 

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