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What if all our coaches leave?

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December 9, 2016 at 11:37am

I've only seen threads addressing individual coaches, but what happens if we do lose most of our staff this offseason?

So far, Fickell, Coombs, Schiano, and Warriner (and any assistants they may take) have all been pegged for at least one opening. What happens if they ALL leave?

I'm not worried about Meyer's ability to find quality assistants, but trying to replace these particular coaches next year will be devastating to what should be a title-contending (maybe even favorite) team. Installing new schemes and forging new bonds of trust could be difficult.

What effect would the exodus have on recruiting? I think most of these players trust Urban and Ohio State, but when kids come here "for the relationships" and those relationships go, it's got to have at least some impact on the class. 

Do you think ALL of the coaches mentioned above will leave? What's the worst case scenario for the 2017 season in such case? I'm not worried about the program, but I am worried about the 2017 team being able to meet its full potential with all new coaches in these major positions.

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